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    Stampede because of the Serbian TikTok queen, the children surrounded the building

    Athlete and fitness model Sara Damnjanovic (22), popular on TikTok and Instagram, was a guest in Mladenovac at the celebration of Children’s Week, and her fans created complete chaos due to Sara’s arrival – reports.

    Damnjanovic appeared today, October 5, at a scheduled gathering with fans on Gradski trg in Mladenovac. Gathered in front of the municipality, waiting for Sara to come out, they chanted her name and called out to her.

    – Sarah, get out! – shouted the gathered children, and the influencer appeared a little before noon in front of a little over a hundred children, who were excited about spending time with her.

    Let us remind you, the public was initially indignant because of Sara’s visit to Mladenovac, because of the confusion that she would visit schools, where she would be a lecturer, but she clarified everything. Sara lowers her sporting achievements, successes in the world of fashion, solidifies her path in the world of acting and points out that she sees herself the least as a “tick-taker and influencer”.

    Sara is followed by 1.9 million people on TikTok, and her popularity is evidenced by the stampede of children in Mladenovac, as well as a few days ago in Obrenovac, where she was a guest.

    She is the first Balkan ticker in terms of the number of followers, and her recordings reach more than a million likes. However, Sara is not only popular on TikTok, but also on Instagram, where she is followed by 600,000 people

    Latest Posts


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