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    Bisca Asima made it to the cover of Vogue, now she wants to leave Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Imagine that you are surfing the Internet and then you accidentally see your photo and the fact that you have been declared one of the most beautiful unusual girls in the world. And it’s not that you were announced there by some irrelevant portal, but by the globally popular BrightSide, whose YouTube channel has almost 45 million followers with more than seven billion views.

    This is exactly what happened to Asima Sefic, a red-haired, blue-eyed girl from Bihać, who left an unforgettable impression on many worlds faces from the fashion industry precisely because of that winning combination, but also because of her fascinating freckles – which only two percent of people in the world have. How did she react when this happened to her?

    Lucky circumstances

    – I found out about the recognition that came from BrightSide, who placed me among the ten most beautiful unusual women in the world, while I was searching the Internet. I never hoped for that, nor did I expect anything like that. I was certainly delighted, but also proud because I know that something like this did not happen by chance, and I worked hard to achieve such results. However, I would like to emphasize that I personally do not consider myself to be one of the most beautiful women, nor have I ever thought so. Every woman has a special beauty and everyone is the most beautiful in something – she is a modest girl who has been modeling for almost ten years, writes Slobodna Dalmacija.

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    Just as she found out about this recognition by accident, Asima also got into modeling through a combination of lucky circumstances.

    She was noticed by the photographer Maja Topcagic, and then her photos, to put it briefly, conquered the world.

    If at first you already know her face from somewhere, but you can’t place it exactly, it’s not strange because you could “meet” her face in many places.

    The girl from Una graced the cover of Vogue several times. Thanks to her striking appearance, she was hired by Garnier, and besides, Asima’s character graces the covers of several books.

    Spots and campaigns

    She also participated in videos, in many numerous fashion campaigns, and if you have ever searched for the term “red hair”, there is a small chance that you have not come across the heroine of this story, who, when you look at her, you think she is from Scotland or Ireland, but not from BiH.

    – As for my future in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I tried to achieve results in the country, to be an example to other young people who leave the country in droves, but, unfortunately, I can no longer see myself in a country where I know that I cannot achieve my goals plans and work on progress. I still live in Bihac, but I certainly don’t plan to build my future here – the Bosnian beauty, who has been a member of the famous Midiken agency for a year, is open.

    Croatian market

    – Given that I did not want to continue modeling in Bosnia and Herzegovina, because I know that I would not achieve the goals and desires that I set out for, I started working for the Croatian market. I often came to Croatia, primarily because the headquarters of my agency is in Zagreb, so I had the opportunity to come to Croatia due to business cooperation. One of the most beautiful places I have visited is Krk. I shot a clothing collection there and I can say that it was a wonderful experience to shoot in such a place – says Asima, who, despite having achieved great results in this industry, would like to focus her business on other things in the future.

    In her career, she graced the pages of the Huffington Post, and Vogue, and shot campaigns for prestigious global brands… What are the most interesting fashion projects she participated in because there must have been quite a few?

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    – I’ve done a lot of them, and one of my favorite collaborations is the collaboration with Garnier, I’ve been a model for many clothing collections, and I’m especially glad that my photos adorn the covers of various books, mostly novels. I have some other projects planned, but it is still too early to talk about them – she said.

    The world of acting

    And one of her wishes is to try her hand at acting.

    – Regarding unfulfilled ambitions, I would like to find myself in the world of acting. There is a lot to be seen in this matter, but I will talk about it when things are realized – she said.

    She is grateful that many doors have opened for her and that she has been able to realize numerous collaborations, and the one she was particularly happy about was the meeting with Haris Dubica, the director of music videos.

    A wonderful experience

    – Here, the last business collaboration I achieved was an advertisement for a traditional jewelry store from Bihac, and it is also the only project in the city where I was born. My pictures were on billboards all over the city, it was also a wonderful experience for me.

    Many people imagine the fashion world as heavy glamour, but models often know how to say that it is a kind of mining job.

    Young and immature

    Not all of Asima’s experiences are superlative either. She didn’t want to go into details, but everything is far from ideal.

    – I entered the fashion world very young and immature. Of course, it took me a long time to gain self-confidence, and therefore to learn that not everyone wishes me well. I learned that you really need to work hard for your success and goal because everything I have achieved so far – it took a lot of suffering to get there. Every job, including this one, has its own flaws and virtues – reasoned this unusual beauty, who, while gaining experience in the fashion industry, studied at the same time, and points out that she always gave greater importance to education, while modeling, no matter what the results she achieved say the complete opposite, it was a hobby she pursued in parallel with her schooling, and later at the university.

    Graduated from the university

    Asima graduated two years ago. She completed social pedagogy and spiritual care, but in the profession, regardless of what she wanted, she did not have the opportunity to try herself. This is, of course, another reason why Asima intends to leave Bosnia. She was asked if she could see herself in that profession in the future, and which issue in that field she would most like to tackle.

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    – I graduated from university in 2021, but I never started working in the profession, that was because of the political situation in the country, but if I had the opportunity to work in the field for which I was educated, I would like to focus on working with children – she said.

    In addition to Asima, Bright Side’s list of the most beautiful unusual women also includes the celebrated Canadian model Winnie Harlow, who despite severe vitiligo has made an enviable career in modeling, Thando Hopa, a South African model and the first woman with albinism who also graced the cover of Vogue, and the Cypriot model Sofia Hadjipanteli (Sophia), known for her unique fused eyebrows.

    She doesn’t lack compliments

    – Bihac is a small town, everyone knows each other, so most of the citizens know me as well. I can hear nice comments from passers-by on the street, in a cafe… It doesn’t happen every day, but I had the opportunity to hear compliments quite a few times. That’s nice – she said.

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