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    These models conjure up long legs with our favorite denim pants

    Since mom jeans only reach to the ankle, the shoes come into their own. Therefore, the shoe style should of course be chosen carefully. Here we show you which models go well AND conjure up long legs

    Comfortable and stylish with a retro touch – mom jeans many fashionistas don’t want to be without them anymore. While the popular denim trousers are basically pretty easy to style, the question arises as to which shoes actually go with them – especially so that they conjure up long legs! We explain to you which shoe models are best suited for this.

    With mom jeans, we are catapulted back into the 80s. Because the loose cut, the high waist, and the carrot shape are reminiscent of the wild party decade. But which shoes are the perfect companions now? In this case, it’s the tops, because sales and Plateau are these pants especially good because they are absolute Figurschmeichler and for ensuring that the leg is stretched visually.

    These shoes are the perfect combination pieces for mom jeans

    These models conjure up long legs with our favorite denim pants

    With chunky sneakers aka dad sneakers and mom jeans, the 90s meet the 80s. The retro vibes are unmistakable with this styling and yet the whole thing doesn’t look old-fashioned, but totally modern and casual. Especially in the all-white look or in the classic black and white, the sporty shoes complement the cool trousers perfectly; the chunky sole adds a few centimeters to the look.

    Shoes to mom jeans: loafers

    In autumn 2021, nothing works without loafers, because the chic low shoes bring variety to the wardrobe. With mom jeans, we prefer to wear chunky models with a little more or less plateau that are elegant but edgy. A little extra tip: The look can be upgraded by wearing matching socks that peek out between the loafers and denim pants.

    Shoes to mom jeans: boots

    While Chelsea boots are perfect with a plateau for every day and long autumn walks, Mom-Jeans are in combination with chic heel boots with longer-acting legs included – evening fit in no time. The latter is a great contrast to the casual pants look and brings a touch of elegance into play.

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