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    Possible permanent internet connection in the new generation cars?

    The constant internet connection in the vehicle enables automotive efficiency but also a good user experience. The automotive efficiency provided by a permanent internet connection is two-way communication with the systems built into the car but also with the systems outside it.

    The car shares data with other systems and devices such as GPS, security cameras, sensors, other vehicles… The interconnection of the car allows the proper operation of sensors that warn of the distance between them.

    Use of the Internet in vehicles

    The constant internet access that the car provides to users with low latency enables the uninterrupted use of the infotainment center in the vehicle, but also mobile devices, smartwatches, tablets, and other devices such as gaming consoles. Devices like Tesla have advanced Internet settings, in addition, Tesla allows users to use the built-in tablet in the vehicle’s control panel with special emphasis on gaming capabilities and web search. 7

    A permanent internet connection in vehicles allows you to search on laptops and smart mobile devices with a low latency rate. Advanced settings allow you to seamlessly use a web browser without slowly loading or freezing demanding pages such as streaming services or online games.

    Online video games in web browsers such as online casinos, arcade games, or social networking games have several advantages when connecting to the internet such as short load times and low connection load rates. If you have a good internet connection in the vehicle online games take precedence over big games on streaming services like Steam.

    Volkswagen vehicles

    Verizon Car Wi-Fi provides fast and secure in-vehicle Internet access for eight smart devices regardless of their complexity, which includes gaming consoles. The Internet inside the vehicle allows you to stream and play video games without freezing and error, which testifies to the quality of the connection. To turn on the Internet, it is necessary to activate the Wi-Fi hotspot of the vehicle. In the My Verizon app, you simply track the consumption and activity of smart devices connected to the network, Geek explains.

    Tesla vehicles

    Tesla is currently the only car to have a built-in advanced infotainment center featuring a web browser and gaming interface. Accordingly, Tesla vehicles have standard connectivity that can be upgraded with premium features. Maps, navigation, and Wi-Fi are standard. Premium connectivity allows visualizations of live traffic on the infotainment center, satellite map display, video and music streaming, and karaoke. The standard Wi-Fi connection in the vehicle comes with low latency and a high level of security.

    Audi vehicles

    The Audi Wi-Fi connection allows you to connect up to eight devices at once. All Audi vehicles manufactured after 2016 have the option of advanced connection of the device to the Internet.

    The automotive industry is thriving and wants to meet all the demands that users and the marketplace on them. The car is no longer just a means of transportation but also a reliable source of information for its users at all times. A reliable internet connection in the vehicle, as well as the possibility of searching through the infotainment center, will enable drivers to use the user interface as a replacement for mobile phones, tablets, and laptops in the vehicle and increase traffic safety.

    Latest Posts


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