Thursday, June 13, 2024

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    Jennifer Lopez is called the most unkind giant

    Jennifer Lopez is known as one of the most beautiful women in the world, so despite the fact that she has turned 52, this beauty attracts the sighs of many men. That is why it is difficult to say that she can be jealous of other members of the fairer sex.

    Namely, the series of confessions “Horror stories of flight attendants” recently revealed that the Latino diva demands that there are no flight attendants on her private flights on the plane, but only men because she is terribly jealous.

    They also added that although they have worked with many celebrities, they consider her the rudest.

    – Flying with J. Lo is hell, she constantly insulted us, flight attendants, because we are younger, prettier, and prettier than her – the flight attendant stated, world media report.

    It all happened while the Latino diva was engaged to Alex Rodriguez. We have no knowledge of whether he treats people like that even now, while he is in a relationship with Ben Affleck. Somehow it still seems more satisfying to us.


    Recall, after 17 years Jennifer has renewed her relationship with the famous actor, allegedly things between them are very serious, so many fans hope that Ben will kneel before Jennifer again by the end of the year and that this time he will implement his plan all the way to the altar.

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