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    I received an indecent offer – Dragan Marinkovic Maca

    The author’s play by Dragan Marinkovic Maca “What is your wife like, such is your life” does not cease to delight the audience in the region. In the last two months of playing the show, the popular Maca has filled about 30 halls across the region and the show has been watched by more than 40,000 people.

    The audience enjoys the story of male-female relationships and cruel everyday life with a message about how love is the meaning of life. In his own way, Maca brought this sympathetic show closer to the audience by telling about a man who, immediately after the divorce and after his wife kicked him out of the house, goes to a pub and who decides to share his life story with the audience.

    This hit-comedy is also the fifth author’s play by the popular actor, who told “Media” how this story was created, about his career and other topics.

    Where did the idea for the play “What is your wife like, such is your life” come from?

    In principle, because I am always surrounded by women because that kind of relationship intrigues me, in general, privately and through work. I have directed and played plays that deal with male-female relationships, which is an already researched topic. It was my pleasure to put the text on stage and make it come to life. Even today, it is one of the better performances in the region, not to be fooled. A great piece of life, accurate. The idea has been simmering for years, I worked on it for a long time. A million printed pieces with that theme. It can very easily be banal, but I didn’t want that. I achieved what I wanted, even beyond my expectations.

    Do you think that the play provided answers to eternal questions about male-female relationships?

    It is impossible to give an answer to that, that is, the type, which is older – coca or egg. We’ll get to the Coca-Cola recipe sooner than for that kind of relationship. A formula that would solve everything that digs two. What is true when you sit on the sidelines and see some couple in conflict, they are in serious trouble, and to us, it’s very comical. Especially when you’re arguing about banality. Worst of all, after an hour we fall into that kind of agony. It’s a vicious circle.

    Are you working on other projects?

    I was supposed to play in one movie, but I refused. It is rude to offer such figures, I am defending my guild. There was a lot of help, someone takes a shovel, and someone … I respect myself. I will soon appear in a series, which will begin filming in September in the production of “Fista”. When they work, it’s doomed to success, so I’m looking forward to that encounter.

    Which role would you single out as your favorite?

    There are countless of them, each one is dear to me in its own way, it has left its mark on me and me on it. I can’t single it out, whether it’s theatrical or film, I gave myself to everyone. Above all, I want to be creatively satisfied.

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