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    Ivana Vojinovic is grateful for her life that she experienced wrinkles

    I always carry too many things in my kit that I rarely use

    Bh. film and theater actress Ivana Vojinovic (30) revealed all the secrets of her appearance for ‘Media’. It talks about beauty routines and how much they have changed over the years.

    How much time do you devote to daily facial care and what does it entail?

    I have always paid a lot of attention to skincare. When it comes to the daily routine, it is simpler in the morning, I wash and apply moisturizer, and before going to bed I do a full routine which I change from time to time because my products usually lose their effect after prolonged use. At the moment it looks like this, I remove the make-up with oil, after that, I wash my face well with some gel or foam, then I apply the serum and finally the cream. I never skip that routine.

    What trick do you use when your hairstyle is not in the best edition?

    I am not an expert in hairstyles, the highlight is to tie my tail, which I usually do. I have long hair and it would be wonderful to know anything about it, but I don’t even know how to blow dry, and I never use an iron. The only trick that gives me volume is a dry wash shampoo, even when my clean hair looks better with it.

    If you decided on an aesthetic procedure, what would it be?

    I invest a lot in skincare and I would like to avoid aesthetic treatments because they are mostly short-lived and I have a feeling that when you start, you can’t stop. Maybe I would fill deep wrinkles with hyaluronic acid someday, but I will wait for that when I feel I need to.

    Latest Posts


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