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    What to discuss at the first meeting?

    If your meeting is at a restaurant, this is the perfect place to discuss your favorite food

    The first meetings can be equally exciting and intimidating. There is so much in your head that finding the right topics to talk about is a mission impossible. But by asking the right questions, you can make the conversation last for hours and enjoy his company. It all really comes down to sharing experiences and giving the person following you across the road to open up to you. But, although spontaneity has its finesse, a pre-prepared list of interesting topics can greatly help you on the first date. So what do you talk about with a person you like when you’re on your first date?

    Family issues

    Family discoveries can help you understand the person you are dating. Talking about closeness with family members and distance if she is present can show you what kind of childhood the young man you like had. Find out how many siblings there are; whether he still lives with his parents; ask him for his favorite family memory.

    Talk about hobbies

    When you start a story about yourself try not to sound like a recorded monologue on a tape without end and thread. Mention through the story what kind of sport you like and what hobbies you pursue. The discussion on this topic can be very interesting because, in that respect, he will also reveal to you what he likes to do in his free time, and who knows – you may find common interests.

    Touch the topic of food

    If your meeting is at a restaurant, this is the perfect place to discuss your favorite food. Point out which dishes you like and which ones you avoid in a wide arc. Emphasize what you know and like to prepare, as well as what you would like to try to be given a chance. It will definitely tickle his imagination.

    Latest Posts


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