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    Be careful, that’s why you should always put in contact lenses before applying make-up

    Do you always use your contact lenses after your make-up routine? We explain to you why you should change that from now on

    Caution, you should always put in contact lenses before applying make-up

    Inserting contact lenses requires a sure instinct and it is particularly important to pay attention to hygiene. If dirt gets on the contact lens, this is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous, as it can cause bacteria to form on the lens, which can lead to inflammation. We’ll explain what your makeup routine has to do with it.

    This is why you should put in contact lenses before applying makeup

    Our eyes are one of the most sensitive organs, which is why they should always be treated well. Small mistakes in the care routine can quickly lead to inflammation and contact lens wearers take additional risks. When applying make-up, make-up quickly ends up on the fingers, which can then settle on the contact lens and get into the eye. Therefore, it is especially important to put your contact lenses on first and only then start the makeup routine. Basically, of course: wash your hands well beforehand.

    Contact lens defects: redness, irritation, and inflammation as consequences

    If foundation, powder, or mascara gets under the contact lens, bacteria can form underneath after insertion. This not only causes redness and irritation but in the worst case can also lead to a serious eye disease. By using your contact lists before the grooming and makeup routine, you reduce the risk of dirt getting caught underneath. Apart from that, the make-up is much easier to apply without glasses.

    Inserting contact lenses before make-up: this is how it works

    The most important thing is to have freshly washed hands right at the beginning. Clean your hands well, as this is the only way to ensure that no foreign objects get into the eye. Then dry your hands well, because tap water contains so-called acanthamoeba, bacteria that can cause corneal inflammation. Normally our immune system should be prepared for this, but contact lens wearers are particularly vulnerable. Now insert the lenses and only then start with care and make-up.

    This is the best way to clean your contact lenses

    Depending on what type of contact lenses you wear, you can get them clean and hygienic again with a special contact lens liquid. It is best to pay attention to the package insert and to store the contact lenses (if they are not one-day lenses) properly in a special container when you are not wearing them.

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