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    American model Melanie Colic’s roots in Sarajevo – I came for BH. passport

    Now I have dual citizenship, which says how much I love Bosnia

    American model with Bosnian roots Melani Colic arrived in Sarajevo to visit family and friends. He emphasizes that he enjoys every moment of his stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    F4 = At ​​home

    – There are no words to describe how I feel when I come to Sarajevo. I feel at home. There is no better feeling than coming here and staying with family, but also with friends – Colic tells us.

    This is the second arrival of the model with an address in America this year, and, as she points out, she was lucky to find free time and use the opportunity to visit her family.

    – When I am in Sarajevo, I am usually with my family and relatives. Since I live in America, we can’t see each other often, as much as we would like, so while I’m here, I spend every minute with my family – the model points out.

    This beauty does not hide her enthusiasm and love for Bosnia and Herzegovina and its capital.

    – If I have to say how much I am really connected to this city and Bosnia, I will proudly say that. I officially became a citizen of BiH. I now have dual citizenship. I think that says a lot about how much I love Bosnia and how much I am attached to it – Melanie reveals to us.

    Arriving in Europe

    She used the opportunity to enjoy the charms of Bascarsija, which delighted her fans on social networks.

    – My plans, for now, are to return to America and continue working. I have a lot of photoshoots waiting for me, and then, I hope, when the situation regarding the crown improves, I can go to Europe and sign with one of the fashion agencies. That is what my agency in America and I planned – the model concludes.

    By the way, Melanie was born in America, but her parents first fled to Germany and then to America. Her mother is from Sarajevo, and her father is from Bosanska Krupa. Behind her are numerous advertising campaigns, and one of the most significant in her career so far was the one for the famous “Versace” brand.

    On the cover of an American magazine

    – I was on the cover of City Book magazine. It is a magazine about celebrities, lifestyles, jewelry, fashion, nutrition. I am very pleased with the photos. I wore very expensive jewelry, along with the outfits of the brands “Chanel”, “Gucci”, YSL, “Versace” and “Prada”. There were very positive reactions – says Colic, who is a member of the famous American fashion agency.

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