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    These are the 8 most beautiful trend pieces from the new autumn collection

    The change of season is always a good time to bring some variety into your own four walls. Now ensures the cozy and at the same time modern feel-good atmosphere H&M Home with his new Autumn collection. And that promises to be able to experience the coming season with all your senses.

    Behind this claim is the following concept: With the new collection for autumn 2021, H&M Home offers the opportunity to decorate the living space in such a way that it feels, looks, sounds and smells good. The former, for example, works with pleasant materials such as linen for bed linen. Visually, it’s all about classic, simple designs, while candles – for example with patchouli and fig – ensure a pleasant scent. And how is the subject of hearing taken up? In fact, decorative pillows, cozy blankets, and wool rugs ensure that noises at home are muffled.

    With this concept, you should feel completely comfortable in your own walls. This is also ensured by muted and neutral tones that run through the autumn collection from H&M Home. But there is a striking splash of color between beige, black, gray, and old pink, namely with a strong blue that adorns a pillowcase and a vase, among other things. The interior and decorative pieces also include natural materials such as marble, which guarantee a calm and timeless look that you cant get enough.

    Of course, certain eye-catchers are also provided, which can put an entire room in a new light. The new H&M Home collection has some artistic and sculptural pieces ready that give the living room, hallway, or bathroom character. Overall, the designs of the furniture and decorative parts for an autumn range between minimalism, coolness, elegance, and cosiness. The perfect mix that really makes you feel good.

    The new autumn collection 2021 is now available online, in the H&M Home Concept Stores in Munich and Hamburg, and in selected H&M stores with a home department.

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