Thursday, June 13, 2024

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    Katarina Grujic got married, during an intimate celebration

    Katarina Grujic married her fiance Marko Gobeljic today.

    The singer and football player swore eternal love in front of close family members and friends. As “Media” finds out, the big celebration has been postponed for next year.

    There are several reasons for that, primarily due to the situation with the coronavirus and the pregnancy in which Katarina is.

    For the happiest day of her life, the singer did not choose a traditional white wedding dress but chose a summer floral dress with long sleeves and an open back.

    The guests were entertained by Katarina’s close friend and colleague Andreana Cekic, who did not fail to sing at the private celebration of her longtime friend.

    Let us remind you, after a year of fun and harmonious relationship, football player Marko Gobeljic proposed to Kac at the beginning of June.

    Then, also, with the closest circle of friends, Katarina said “yes” while she was on her knees and holding her head, not believing what was happening.

    Recently, the news appeared in the public that the singer is pregnant, but so far she did not want to confirm it. She is currently reportedly in her sixth month of pregnancy, which can be deduced from her belly, which she can no longer and is not trying to hide from the public.

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