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    He fought for his life after he was shot – Relja Popovic thanked the doctor who saved him


    Relja Popovic did not remain immune to media reports that he was wounded by a firearm. It is true that this happened, but almost 14 years ago.

    However, instead of denying, denying the inscription, he posted a touching message on his Instagram story addressed to the doctor who saved his life in 2008 when the rapper was only 19 years old.

    For some reason, the news came out on many portals today that I was shot, even though it was almost 14 years ago. Ne I want to talk about it, I just want to say the next thing. People sometimes have bad experiences with doctors, but as with everything, there are those in medicine who are bad, but of course, there are also wonderful people.

    This wonderful man, the wizard of a beautiful soul, saved my life on May 22, 2008, and I will be grateful to him for that while I am alive. Professor Vladimir Dukic, when he knows Belgrade as Duka, has a special place in my heart forever, and my only wish is to remind you that some wonderful people like Duka still live among us. When I came out of the hospital, he told me, “Son, God saved you, and I just operated on you well.” Professor, I want God to give you a long and joyful life – Popovic wrote on Instagram.

    He once talked about that unpleasant event and explained what happened.

    – On May 22, 2008, I was in a cafe with another and two friends. At the table next to us sat a man in his forties. He was visibly drunk. He was throwing things at my friends all the time, asking them to play on his table, to which I reacted. In a verbal argument in which I defended my friends, the waitress told us to leave the bar because she has to close. We headed outside and at that moment he pulled out a gun and leaned it on my head. I don’t even know how I managed to lower my weapon and I just remember the terrible pain in my stomach. I fell to the ground and lost consciousness. I woke up in the Emergency Center – Relja said at the time.

    Due to a severe abdominal injury, Relja was recovering in the hospital for a month.

    I was in the shock room for ten days with twenty-four hours of medical staff supervision. They had to operate on me because the bullet injured my vital organs. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Professor Đukić, who operated on me and led my case all the time. Even today, I don’t know how I would repay him for everything he did for me – Popovic once said, as Media reports.

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