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    This face oil cares for sensitive skin

    What does skincare have to do with Ayurveda? And how can combination skin benefit from it in particular? Here you can find out everything about Pitta faces oil with special properties

    This facial oil is an all-rounder for combination skin and especially cares for sensitive skin

    In some places, dry or normal, in others greasy: For combination skin two meet skin types to each other, it is why special care and cleaning are needed. A facial oil called Pitta exactly meets the requirements that are important here. Quite reassuring, because the long search for a suitable product has finally come to an end.

    Whether combination skin or sensitive skin: Big Little Wisdom’s face oil helps

    If your T-zone, i.e. forehead and nose or chin, is usually oily, but the areas around your eyes and on the car are dry or normal, you probably have classic combination skin. As is well known, this poses a particular challenge, because too light care can dry out certain parts, while too rich a skincare could over-grease other parts – hello, pimples and blackheads. In this case, we are all the more pleased about products that are up to this challenge. And Big Little Wisdom’s Pitta facial oil is one of those.

    Pitta especially for combination skin: Face oil based on the knowledge of Ayurveda

    The beauty must-have, which is suitable for combination skin as well as for very sensitive skin, is based on the centuries-old knowledge of Ayurveda. A distinction is made here between Vata, Kapha, and Pitta skin problems. With the latter, it is particularly important that the active ingredients in your products are cooling and soothing – and that is the case with this face oil. It contains coconut oil, which cools and soothes redness, as well as nourishing base oils, including sunflower seed, almond, and apricot oil, which care for sensitive skin but do not make it greasy.

    In addition, there is ylang-ylang with its soothing scent, which helps regulate the skin’s fat production, which is why Pitta facial oil is just right for combination skin. You can of course benefit from these promising properties at any time of the year, but we don’t want to do without them, especially in summer. Because the skin on the face is particularly sensitive and stressed by heat and sweat. But thanks to the cooling face oil, all worries are gone – you can find the oil in the GLAMOR shop here.

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