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    Style inspo from Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri Cruise was born with a sense of fashion and was recently able to score with an outfit that was reminiscent of “Dawson’s Creek”

    Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri shows herself in the 90s look – “Dawson’s Creek” nostalgia included

    Even if the finale of “Dawson’s Creek” with Katie Holmes in one of the leading roles was 18 years ago, it now looks like the role of Joey Potter is going to be revived. When Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri Cruise was walking through the streets of the West Village in New York in early August 2021, her style was reminiscent of the popular series character who once helped her mother make her big breakthrough.

    Katie Holmes’ daughter: Suri Cruise wears the “Dawson’s Creek” style

    With her daughter, Katie Holmes has a doppelganger from her own ranks. It looks like it is cut from her face and has probably also copied a lot from her famous mother in terms of style. Suri Cruise was rocking a super casual style that looked effortless and cool. Accordingly, she wore a simple basic tank top, loose-fitting wide-leg jeans with a 90s touch, a purple shirt tied around the waist, and classic white sneakers.

    You can’t help but think of the past “Dawson’s Creek” times at this sight. After all, it was precisely this easy-going style that Suri’s mom Katie Holmes relied on again and again in her role as Joey Potter. Loosely fitting jeans in particular were her fashionable trademarks at the time. And since the 90s and early 2000s are also very popular and hip in 2021, this look is perfect for current summer days. Especially for those when it is not that warm and it can get fresh quickly in the evening. With long pants and a shirt, you are well equipped when the temperatures do not want to play along.

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