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    Zoran Zaev – He earned 2.4 million marks from the sale of paprika

    The first family capital was created in Serbia, and now someone tells me that I have reserves for that country.

    The Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, has revealed hitherto unknown details about his life. His mother worked as a teacher, his father was a warehouseman, and he earned his first big money from selling peppers.

    As he said, his mother was a teacher of biology and chemistry, and his father a storekeeper, and he bought agricultural products in ZIK “Strumica”.

    My family, parents, my younger brother Vice and I did a lot of agricultural work. Strumica is the most famous and largest producer of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, watermelons, cabbage, and other agricultural crops. Each Strumica village had one town in Serbia where people traditionally sold those products.

    Murtino was dominant in Gornji Milanovac. One summer I was at Kalenic in Belgrade, but tradition is tradition, I returned to Gornja Milanovac. For about five or six summers I went to that market with my grandfather and uncles, and sometimes alone. We made nice money there. After three months of working on the market in Gornji Milanovac, we have built a four-story house. Then both money and labor were worth it. All our wealth started from agriculture – Zaev told Kurir.

    He spent the first period of his youth in Serbia, during the 1990s during sanctions.

    We managed to break through to international institutions and get permission to deliver raw materials for the Glassworks in Paracin, whose representatives we are still today for Northern Macedonia, only now my cousin is doing it. I was then the commercial director of a family company. All this is unforgettable, the organization was very specific. My first money earned came from the sale of “Merima’s” washing powder in Macedonia, also in the 1990s.

    We made the first big profit of 2.4 million marks from paprika. We dried it in Strumica and gave it to Horgos for the purpose of producing allspice. In 2001, we negotiated price, quality, and standards in Subotica. The deal fell through, the profit was 2.4 million marks. With that capital, we bought a brickyard – reveals Zaev.

    The Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia points out that the capital of his family was created from the market in Gornji Milanovac and from Serbian factories.

    Both my son and my daughter know that, let alone the older members of the family. And now let a Serbian politician tell me that Zaev has reservations about Serbia – said Zoran Zaev.

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