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    Isorka denies responsibility for switching off charging stations

    The CEO of Isorka denies that the company’s complaint is the reason why Orka natturunnar intends to cut off power to another hundred charging stations for electric cars in Reykjavik. He says the city of Reykjavik is the root of the problem.

    Earlier today, Orka natturunnar announced that the company intended to take power from 156 street charging stations that it has set up in many parts of Reykjavik on Monday. The reason was Isorka’s complaint that the stations were open to everyone and free of charge. It is uncertain when it will be possible to power back to the stations.

    In a statement from Sigurdur Astgeirsson, Isorka’s managing director, he completely denies that his company is responsible for the power being cut off from the charges. Ísorka has not submitted a complaint or demand that the stations be switched off.

    “Isorka’s it is completely harmless for the stations to stand and charge the cars of electric car owners until the City of Reykjavik re-bids,” says his statement.

    The agreement between the city and ON is inactive from 11 June

    The origin of the disputes can be traced to the fact that the City of Reykjavik tendered for the installation and operation of street chargers for electric cars. The city accepted Orka Natturunn’s offer. Isorka appealed the tender, but while the Complaints Committee was examining the appeal, Orka natturunnar set up the charging stations.

    Two weeks ago, the Complaints Committee came to the conclusion that the city authorities should have put the project out to tender in the European Economic Area. The city’s agreement with Orka natturunnar was ruled inactive from 11 June when the committee’s ruling was announced and the city was forced to offer the installation and operation of the stations again. The city also has to pay four million ISK in government fines and is considered liable to Isorka.

    Orka natturunnar said in its announcement today that the company had received a letter from the City of Reykjavik this morning stating that “due to Isorka’s comments”, the city considers it necessary to request that Orka natturunnar cut off power to the stations. However, the city has also requested that the legal effect of the committee’s ruling be postponed.

    Have received hate mail and phone calls

    In a conversation with Media, Sigurdur, the managing director of Isorka, says that his company has not submitted any new complaint or comment to the charging stations, let alone that it has demanded that they be switched off. He first read that the stations in the media should be switched off today.

    “We have not had any contact with the city in this matter. We have not had any contact with Orka natturunnar out of this matter. We have not had any contact with the appeals committee since the ruling, “he says and regrets that Ísorka has been made responsible for the city authorities’ decision to have the stations switched off.

    Sigurdur says that isorka has received hate mails and phone calls due to Orka natturunn’s announcement today and that his staff has had to endure swearing and rudeness.

    “I find it rather ugly but I trust that the right thing will come out,” he says.

    Sigurdur hopes that people will not direct their anger at Isorka or Orka natturunnar and that the city will offer the project again as soon as possible.

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