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    A rare occurrence today, these are celebrities who guarded innocence until marriage

    In many religions, it is interpreted as the foundation of moral purity

    Sexual innocence is interpreted in many religions as the foundation of moral purity and it is advised to remain a virgin until marriage, and sex as such should be ‘consumed’ only on the first night of marriage. In modern times it is an increasingly rare occurrence, and according to studies less than seven percent of people practice it today. When it comes to the world of celebrities, it is an almost endemic phenomenon as vices including hedonistic enjoyment of sex are highlighted as one of the more important ingredients of celebrity life.

    While most people will argue that waiting with sex is absurd because it can lead to a big problem – choosing a life partner who may be completely sexually incompatible, according to religious advice it is the right way to really connect with someone based on character traits, which must be a good basis for marriage as well as good sex later.

    As with everything else in life, there is no real recipe, as evidenced by the fact that many of the stars who guarded their innocence eventually divorced.

    Among the stars who kept their virginity until marriage were: host Kathie Lee Gifford, 67, who admitted in 1992 that the last ‘Hollywood virgin’ was musician Kevin Jonas, 32 singer Jessica Simpson (40), model Adriana Lima (39), who shocked the world by admitting that she was a virgin until marriage. In addition to them, there were also Lolo Jones (37), singer Carrie Underwood (37), actress Sarah Drew (39), model Courtney Stodden (26), player baseball Tim Tebow (Tebow) (33).

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