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    Clean, dreamy and simply unreal – Three Adriatic beaches you must visit

    Given a large number of tourists and visitors, it is increasingly difficult to find beaches that have managed to retain their original shape and cleanliness

    Now that we have stepped into the spring period of the year, the countdown to the holidays is getting sweeter, but also closer. Although we always strive for exotic trips, our coast can offer special and fairytale beaches that can easily stand side by side with the world, so there is no reason not to go to one of them this summer.

    Although there are those who like active and productive vacations or on the other hand somewhat hilly areas, we can agree that the crystal clear sea is one of the biggest imperatives when it comes to the perfect vacation. Given a large number of tourists and visitors, it is increasingly difficult to find beaches that have managed to retain their original shape and cleanliness, but they still exist and are exactly as you imagine them; pure, dreamy, and simply unreal. Whether it’s small secluded coves or long sandy beaches, a piece of paradise is closer than you think.

    Sakarun Beach, Dugi otok

    Dugi otok is the perfect place for all those who want to escape from the crowds and asphalt and get lost in the perfect nature that enchants at every step. This island is made up of several towns and a handful of hidden and special bays, but Sakarun beach is a winner that attracts many curious people every year. Without any exaggeration, Sakarun can be called the Croatian tropics because of its natural white sand and impressive view. This beach is ideal for family swimming, enjoying and relaxing, but also swimming because you can move up to several kilometers from the coast and still not be in great depth. On the beach, there is the possibility of renting umbrellas and deck chairs, which is a great option since the shade is very difficult to find.

    Sotorisce, Silba

    Silba is still one of the undiscovered Croatian islands where you will not encounter the usual tourist crowds, although we have no doubt that this will change in the near future. Speaking of beaches, Sotorisce is a place that, just like Sakarun, conquers with the crystal clear sea, divine sand, and tranquility that rests the soul and body. Sotorisce is also the main city beach, so you can expect additional content in the form of cafes and renting deck chairs and umbrellas. This beach due to its turquoise color is definitely not something you will quickly forget, so this summer is sure to consider a short weekend trip to Silba and enjoy the natural beauty.

    Stiniva, Vis

    It is not necessary to emphasize how wonderful and special the island of Vis is, but due to its distance, it is often not the first choice when planning a vacation. If you are one of those who think so, change your mind as soon as possible because this gem hides many beautiful beaches and bays, and Stiniva beach was also found on the European Best Destinations of the most beautiful European beaches. It is a pebble beach that is hidden and surrounded by rocks, but in spite of that, it can be reached by land.–O3lSeQ/

    What we can mention as the only drawback is the fact that this secluded beach has become extremely popular over the years, resulting in crowds, so if you strive for a peaceful and quiet vacation, we suggest you visit it in pre-season or late August.

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