Sunday, June 16, 2024

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    She captured the eyes of dangerous guys from the street

    Here’s what Jami did before singing

    Singer Jasna Milenkovic, better known as Jami, posted a photo with her colleagues on her Instagram profile and reminded her what it used to be like to hang out with celebrities.

    Several of her colleagues are in the photo, and Jami added a comment: Album of Memories

    We remind you that before she became a famous singer, Jami practiced gymnastics and she is responsible for being one of the most beautiful singers. At the end of 1992, she managed to make an album with which she managed to earn the title of ‘singer of the year’.

    With her current appearance, she provoked numerous comments on social networks, mostly negative, because social network users believe that the singer has gone too far with cosmetic surgery. Some even claim that she completely changed her personal description.

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