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    Only Jennifer Aniston made Brad Pitt do this

    She forced her man into nine long months of abstinence

    Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer, 51) and Brad Pitt (57) began seeing each other in 1998 after their agents arranged a date for them. They immediately became the new golden couple of Hollywood, after five months of fairytale romance the engagement “fell”, the wedding followed in July 2000, and five years later their divorce shocked the world of celebrities and numerous fans.

    But according to the British tabloid “Daily Star”, the favorite Hollywood actress and star of the hit TV series “Friends” forced her man into a long nine months of abstinence, which would mean that they got engaged before consuming the relationship.

    • Jennifer was supposedly afraid that sex would ruin their relationship and that’s why she didn’t want to hurry. At the time, she considered it the wisest decision she could make. Imagine telling Brad Pitt that he has to wait for sex – a source close to the former spouses once told “The Mirror”.

    Foreign media also write that the acting couple finally ended up in bed during a romantic weekend in Acapulco, Mexico, on Valentine’s Day 1999, just five months before the wedding.

    • We knew right away that we found something special in each other. We have been inseparable since the second date. It was one of those weird feelings when you just know it’s it like we were destined, ”Aniston said at the time of her greatest love affair with Pete.

    Although the couple never confirmed or denied the allegations of nine-month abstinence, Brad revealed in one interview the piquancy of his intimate life with Jennifer.

    • We had a huge marble bathtub at her home in Beverly Hills. While I was decorating that bathroom, all sorts of things came to my mind … I guess my mind was pretty dirty at the time – the actor said in 2001 in an interview with W magazine.

    The divorce was painful, but the former spouses are on good terms today.

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