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    VIDEO FROM THE BED- Goca and Rasha are not ashamed of anything in front of the camera

    Goca Trzan and her husband, drummer Rasa Novakovic, decided to show the whole nation what their private life looks like, and they did not hesitate to record in the bedroom before going to bed. And something extremely interesting happened there. Namely, in the reality show “My perfect marriage” which is broadcast on “K1” television, they showed how they cope with numerous life temptations, from problems to the moment when they enjoy the charms of the family home. One scene she surprised many viewers, and that was when this popular couple opened the bedroom door and showed what conversations they have before bed.

    – Just to take off my makeup, so I’ll come and kiss. I can not wait – can be heard on the recording, and then shots followed where Goca is kissing Rasha in bed. Gordana then asked Rasha:

    – Am I still nine?

    – Well, tonight you have a chance to fix it – was Rasha’s answer, to which Goca turned off the light and went to sleep.

    Latest Posts


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