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    Florencia de la V seeks to be a candidate in the next elections

    Florencia de la V revealed in a radio interview her desire to be a candidate in the 2021 elections. The actress and host, who in recent times has been an active activist, stressed the need to continue fighting in order to deepen the gender perspective.

    In dialogue with La Once Diez / Radio de la Ciudad, Florencia de la V acknowledged that she would like to be part of a list in the next legislative elections. She praised the trans job quota but criticized that it does not include the private sector. And she asked that a mandatory manual on gender perspective be established, with an examination for journalists, panelists, and members of the show business

    ” I think politics is the only thing that can generate changes. Instead of talking, you have to do. And that’s what I’m doing: working. I want to take advantage of the powerful voice I have, ” said the host, who said that she is ” working with different organizations and with a lot of references who want to generate a change “.

    When asked if she would like to be on a list in next year’s legislative elections, she replied: “Hopefully.” “If I want a social change, I have to roll up my sleeves and start working,” she said in a note with Moskita Muerta and Nilda Sarli in the cycle In case the flies.

    On September 4, the Government of Alberto Fernandez established a job quota whereby at least 1% of the positions in the public sector must be filled “by transvestites, transsexuals, and transgender people who meet the conditions of suitability for employment. position”. The text clarifies that the quota will apply to “transvestites, transsexuals, and transgender people, whether or not they have carried out the registration rectification of sex and the change of first name and image”, and reiterates the right of the group to non-discrimination “by reasons for gender identity or its expression “.

    De la V praised the measure since “it is a repair to our group that has been so damaged, with a life expectancy of 40 years”, but stated that “my humble criticism is that it should be extended to the private sector.”

    “I am glad that it is in public institutions, but for me, the biggest victory would be for the trans job quota to be extended to the private sector, for there to be a trans boy or girl working in any company and occupying a place that for many years was us denied, for having been expelled from our homes, for having led prostitution as the only possible way of life “, argued Florencia de la V, adding that” today I am part of the school council of my children at the French Lyceum and that I have to work with organizations, I feel the need to have to talk about these issues, because I have a very powerful voice, “she said.

    Regarding his line of work, he emphasized “ending this violent patriarchal structure”, since “centuries of this structure that generates violence and hatred”. She considered that “there are many people who oppose resistance, obviously” because “ there is a privileged place that men lived for many years ” and stated that when she started working as a star she thought that “in 20 years everything would be different, that We were going to have a more inclusive society ”, but he assured that“ the years go by and I feel that absolutely nothing changes ”.

    Florencia de la V supported the Comprehensive Sexual Education law

    While supporting the Comprehensive Sex Education (ESI) law, he proposed changes. The actress stated that modifications must be made to “de-binarize” it. She said that it is an “advanced law”, but regretted that “it depends on the teacher who grabs it”, since “if she is an open-minded teacher, she will have a much more inclusive perspective than if she is a prejudiced

    Likewise, he emphasized that “violence against the LGBTIQ group is increasing, it is growing, transvesticides continue to grow, violence against women also”, so he asked: “Do we have to keep waiting? Do we have to keep taking this “Time for citizens to change their heads? I think not. We here in the Capital live in a bubble, but unfortunately, it is not the reality of the whole country. We do not have time to wait because unfortunately, women continue to die.”

    In this context, he asked “that all of us who work in the media have a mandatory gender perspective manual” that “all the people of this beautiful show business should read by obligation.” She considered that “an examination should be taken” because “we cannot continue to support patriarchal constructions.” “What happens to me as a spectator and as a woman of the media is that the fine line is to sustain macho and patriarchal stereotypes that generate hatred and division. I am not saying that we all speak with the, I am saying that, unfortunately, macho and sexist stereotypes continue to be maintained, ”he explained.

    For Florencia de la V, “it is time to start changing this patriarchal head that kept all women submissive”. And about inclusive language, she said: “People who put up resistance to this language, personally make me want to use it more.”

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