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    With her latest appearance, Meghan Markle gave everyone information about what she thinks about criticism and gossip about her

    Once a favorite person in the British kingdom, Meghan Markle has gone through a turbulent period in her life, and now, judging by her new public appearance, she is happier than ever. She has achieved everything she dreamed of, she has fulfilled her role as a mother and she has a caring man by her side, and that is currently all that interests and fulfills her. Participating in a virtual gathering on Tuesday where the main theme was creating healthy and humane technology for the future, Meghan said:

    “In my case, I’ve come to terms with it a long time ago.” I ignore criticism, ugly comments, fictional stories, and gossip because I am a free person. The moment you can get rid of all those other and irrelevant opinions about what you know to be true, then it is very easy to live in peace and with authenticity – she said and added:

    “With that attitude, I decide to go on with my life,” explained Meghan, who reappeared from her $ 14 million home in Santa Barbara, where she lives with her husband and one-year-old son.

    Meghan Markle with child-MegaloPreneur

    The two of them are the center of her world and currently her only priority. Meghan said that the pandemic and quarantine we were in for a while made many people think carefully about what is really important in life and what to pay special attention to.

    • For me, they are my husband and son. I just enjoy watching the little one grow and our whole attention is on that right now, ”Markle said.

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