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    Comedian Pete Davidson Involved in Car Crash After Stand-Up Show in Los Angeles

    On a night that began with laughter at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, California, 29-year-old comedian Pete Davidson found himself in an unexpected incident. Following his stand-up show on Saturday night, Pete hosted an afterparty at the venue. However, as he departed the Wiltern around 10 p.m., an eyewitness reported a startling turn of events when Pete apparently collided his SUV with the exterior wall of the building.

    Photographs from the night in question depict Pete Davidson, clad in a green hoodie, with a cigarette in hand in some images. In a few shots, he appears to use the same hand to shield his face from nearby cameras. The aftermath of the crash was documented, showcasing the damage sustained by the vehicle.

    Notably, Pete was not alone that evening. Reportedly, Kelly Machine Gun and Ruby Rose were also in his company during the festivities, but they had departed the scene before the accident occurred.

    This incident comes on the heels of Pete Davidson’s recent romantic endeavors, which had made headlines due to his relationship with Madelyn Cline. A source close to the situation characterized the romance as “not serious” and emphasized that the couple was primarily focused on enjoying themselves.

    According to the source, Madelyn, aged 25, finds Pete hilarious and fun, and they are both on the same page about not seeking a serious commitment. Their connection is described as centered around having a good time without any expectations of becoming soulmates.

    Interestingly, just two days before this incident, another source had suggested that Madelyn Cline and Pete Davidson had formed a strong bond in a relatively short span of time. Despite initially wanting to keep their relationship low-key, their connection deepened quickly, indicating that their dynamic was evolving beyond casual acquaintanceship.

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