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    Entrepreneur Hits Back at Critique Over Dollars 9K Trump-Signed Sneakers Purchase

    Defending a $9,000 Decision: The Controversy Over Trump-Signed Sneakers Unraveled

    Roman Sharf, the entrepreneur behind Luxury Bazaar, has addressed the backlash he received for acquiring a pair of Donald Trump-signed “Never Surrender” sneakers for $9,000 at a Philadelphia sneaker event. Among the limited edition of 1,000 pairs, only ten bore Trump’s signature. The sneakers, distinguished by their gold hue, American flag design with metallic stars, and a prominent “T” on the leather, became a point of contention.

    Following his purchase, Sharf faced criticism online, with some accusing him of supporting Trump and vowing to cease business dealings with him. He was mistakenly labeled a “Russian oligarch” in various online articles, a claim he has since refuted.

    In a video shared by user @MarioNawfal on X (previously Twitter), Sharf, a Ukrainian immigrant and American veteran, clarified his stance. He described himself as a sneaker enthusiast and a Republican, highlighting his journey from arriving in the US at 13 from the then-Soviet Ukraine with his family, who had only $4, to his current success. Sharf emphasized the hard work that enabled him to afford such collectibles, critiquing the media’s preference for sensationalism over accuracy.

    Sharf also addressed a tweet accusing him of using the sneaker purchase as a means to funnel money to Russia, urging the author to fact-check. He mentioned his charity’s efforts, which have contributed over a quarter million dollars to Ukraine since the conflict began, though this claim has not been independently verified by Newsweek.

    He expressed that his intention wasn’t to make a political statement with the purchase but lamented the divisive reactions it sparked. Sharf reflected on the irony of being judged for his political affiliations rather than the quality of service his business has provided for over two decades. He concluded by reaffirming his patriotism and gratitude towards the United States for the opportunities it has afforded him since his arrival as an immigrant.

    For more insights into the intersection of politics, controversy, and the luxury fashion world, please click on “Fashion & Luxury“.

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