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    Tiny and powerful chia seeds

    They contain essential fatty acids, protein, fiber, and five times more calcium than milk

    Chia seeds are ideal in the diet during intense exercise and in the weight loss process, because they contain essential fatty acids, proteins, fiber, and five times more calcium than milk.

    Tiny and powerful! Chia seeds are rich in antioxidants, strengthen the endurance and resistance of the body, and are an ideal dietary supplement in the weight loss process. All this makes them excellent light food during daily exercise and physical activities.

    These seeds are immersed in water, after which their shell opens and can absorb up to nine of its amounts in water, which makes the seeds an excellent source of the body’s internal need for water. They also provide us with essential fatty acids, omega 3 and omega 6, protein, fiber, and five times more calcium than milk.

    The carbohydrates in the seeds are released slowly, which gives us a feeling of satiety for a long time. The seeds are easy to digest, which is very important when consumed before some strenuous physical activity. Daily application can be started as early as the morning when the seeds can be combined with eggs in a morning omelet or with any healthy food. Add a spoonful of these seeds to the standard mixture of scrambled eggs and enjoy the taste.

    Chia seeds are also often used in salad dressings, as they can be included with any seasonal fruit or vegetable, especially nuts. Sauces have long since become irreplaceable, especially if they contain chia seeds.

    A healthy version of muffins can include just these seeds. Banana bread has been extremely popular lately, so whose seeds can be added to a simple bread preparation mixture to make the taste and quality of the food even better.

    Latest Posts


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