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    You can’t stop eating: The culprit is glucose-fructose syrup

    You never managed to resist and eat just one cookie? Or a cube of chocolate, or just a glass of soda…? You promised yourself a day without snacks and failed? It’s not your fault, but the glucose-fructose syrup in sweets and snacks, which makes us eat on.

    Sugar substitute

    Glucose-fructose syrup is a type of corn syrup. It is produced by converting part of glucose into fructose with the help of enzymes, in order to obtain the desired sweetness. A mixture of glucose and fructose is formed, which is called glucose-fructose syrup. Manufacturers often use glucose-fructose syrup, because it is much cheaper than sugar. In addition, it extends the shelf life of the product. Of course, this kind of additive is very “welcome” in the world of fast food. Glucose-fructose syrup is widely used as a substitute for sugar in many carbonated drinks, juices, yogurts, cereals, pastries, and ready-made soups. Unfortunately, like many other additives, this syrup has a devastating effect on our health.

    Why is syrup dangerous?

    Glucose-fructose syrup is not only a danger to our line, but it is also a poison to our body because the brain does not perceive it as food. Fructose, like glucose, is a simple sugar. The only difference is that fructose enters our intestines much more slowly than glucose, and then enters the bloodstream more slowly – which is why its absorption is limited. Fructose arrives in the bloodstream in the liver, where it is either converted to glucose and stored in the form of glycogen or converted to adipose tissue and stored near vital organs.

    Studies on two groups of children have proven that fructose slows down metabolism and causes obesity. In addition, it has been found that glucose-fructose syrup contains significant amounts of mercury, which is used in the process of glucose processing.

    What is this syrup to blame for?

    – increases the number of fat cells near the heart, liver, and other vital organs

    – promotes the development of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease

    – increases triglyceride levels

    – slows down metabolism

    – adversely affects kidney function

    – increases blood pressure

    – is associated with osteoporosis, anemia, caries, and osteoarthritis

    Brain trick

    Many scientists, including Robert H. Lustig, believe that fructose is responsible for the incredible rise in obesity and heart disease in the world. The problem is that glucose-fructose syrup is a hoax for the brain because fructose does not give our body a signal of satiety. The most dangerous ingredient in this syrup is fructose, which artificially boosts appetite and leads to many health problems. Fructose gives vague signals to the brain cells about the satiety of the organism. According to Dr. Carel Le Roux, if we eat sugar, our body secretes insulin that sends information to brain cells that we have eaten enough. High insulin levels suppress our appetite. Fructose does not stimulate such abundant insulin secretion and therefore we do not feel full.

    Statistics show that as many as 33 percent of children are obese, and we spend billions of dollars annually to treat health problems associated with obesity. Because of all of the above, the next time you reach for your favorite cookies on the supermarket shelf, take a look at their composition. If you find glucose-fructose syrup on the label, give up short-term consumption, which could cost you your health.

    Carbonated drinks do not quench the thirst

    While it may seem more glamorous to drink a glass of fizzy drink than plain water, the whole story is not at all glamorous. Namely, it has been proven that carbonated drinks do not quench thirst. The sugar from the fizzy drink pulls all the saliva out of the mouth, which stays dry and simply encourages us to bite into something. So, in addition to getting only empty calories from fizzy drinks, they encourage us to snack and eat more than we would after a glass of water.

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