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    Sarah Polson openly about a relationship with a 32-year-old colleague

    Starring in Netflix’s new “Ratched” series

    The cover of the latest issue of “Harper’s Bazaar” this time featured Hollywood actress Sarah Paulson, who spoke openly about her private life in an interview, and especially condemned the public for her relationship with her 32-year-old colleague Holland Taylor.

    – The feeling that I belong to anyone other than the person I would like to belong to, such as Holland, my dog, best friend, or sister … that everyone adopts me is a little confusing.

    Since I am not an expert and I do not cope best in such situations, in the end, I sometimes started giving more than I needed – said Sara.

    When asked by reporters why she thinks people are so obsessed with their age difference (Sarah is 45 and Holland is 77), the actress answered that it probably has to do with the fact that they are afraid of facing death, but also reflects the attitude of society that the elderly have no lust.

    Sara plays the lead role in the new “Netflix” series “Ratched”.

    Latest Posts


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