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    Make your face look younger

    Do you want to look younger and take years off your face with the help of good make-up? Here are some makeup tips to help you achieve that.

    Skin always comes first

    The first rule when applying makeup is to check that your skin is in good condition. It is the golden rule; the better the skin the less makeup you will need. The most important thing is to hydrate your skin regularly, and then you will benefit much more from daily make-up, mascara, and similar things.

    The secret to fuller lips: Many of you have noticed that the older you get the thinner their lips look. To make them thicker, we recommend lip gloss. First, add a little color by filling your lips with a lip pencil or lipstick that is a shade or two darker than the natural color of your lips. Then add a little gloss on top and you will get great results.

    Stay away from dark lipsticks: Unless you have dark skin or plump lips, I recommend staying away from dark lipsticks that make everyone look older. Pink lipstick, for example, is much better.

    If you are not sure which color suits you, go to the store with a person you trust. Try many colors and with the help of tips you will surely find out which color best suits your face.

    Trim your lashes

    The best way to highlight your eyes is to curl and highlight your lashes. For added benefit, heat the eyelash curler with a hairdryer for about three seconds and then curl the lashes.
    If your lashes are not as thin or lush as they used to be, you can add eyelash extensions in some hair salons. It’s quite expensive, but still very cost-effective if you want to look phenomenal at some big event.

    Add blush to cheeks: Many women don’t use blush the right way or don’t use it at all. A trick that most women don’t know is to mix it well so it’s not obvious you’re wearing blush.

    Fit everything in the right way: Whatever you put on your face should blend well with your complexion and everything else. The secret to a great make-up application is that you don’t really see yourself wearing any makeup. The blush should be imperceptible, just enough to make it look like you just came from some cooler ambiance. Lipstick should not be absorbed into your skin and your lashes should not be obviously painted. And remember, apply a little makeup, but blend it great with everything else!

    Keep your eyes in the spotlight

    Your eyes can be the main and most noticeable detail on your face. They can distract from the various imperfections you may have on your face.

    Enhance the color of your eyes with eye shadow that will highlight them. For brown or hazel eyes, gold or brown eyeshadows are best. Blue eyes go best with blue-gray eyeshadow, while dark eyes go well with deep shades.

    The secret of brighteners and illuminators: they lift your face and currently take a few years. They are cheap and you will surely love them.

    Don’t overdo it with makeup

    make-up can look unnatural, especially on women in their mature years. Instead, choose natural shades and moderate makeup, which will make you look younger. Sparkling or pearlescent colors are not for women over 50 as they can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles as well as skin texture. Look for neutral colors that suit your lines and fit well, and avoid anything that is too bright and that emphasizes the lines you want to hide!

    Take care of dark circles

    A big problem, especially in older women, is circles and dark skin that can appear under the eyes. This problem gets worse with age. The best way to cover up is to use a rich cream.

    Using concealer

    The concealer will perfectly cover dark areas on the face. Use it on the inner and outer corners of the eyes to open and accentuate them. Applied around the eye area it will make the eyes bigger and younger.

    Use creams instead of powders

    Older women often have very dry skin. Powder blushes and similar things are made for women who have oily or combination skin. If you have dry skin, you will do best if you use creams and creamy blushes. Also, consider using synthetic blushes.

    Gain a routine in skincare

    The key to a younger look is to get your skin in top shape. If you gain a good routine in skincare you will look much younger. Not only do you need to cleanse and hydrate your skin, but you also need to exfoliate it once a week and even consider using antioxidants or products that are rich in vitamin A.

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