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    Likkle Man, the “smallest prisoner in the UK” to make his boxing debut

    Henry Age “Likkle Man” spent 32 months in jail for a jewelry store robbery. Her rise to fame came when she began posting videos on social media about what was happening behind bars.

    This Saturday, Likkle Man will get the much-desired opportunity when he steps into the ring to meet for the first time in a boxing match. How is it that a former inmate managed to gain hundreds of thousands of followers around the world with a handful of publications and now he will be able to debut as a boxer.

    Before being known by that nickname, Henry Age had a disastrous life, as he recalled a few days ago in dialogue with the site The Sun: “I was born fighting when you are born half the size of a normal man you have to fight twice as hard to get to any part of life ”. It is that the 26-year-old man suffers from dwarfism and that, added to the abandonment of his parents, caused that during his childhood he could not enjoy a life similar to that of most of the children of Coventry.

    “I was born into a life of gangs, drugs, and crime, like many people in certain areas. But besides that, I am this size. I didn’t go to school, I can’t read or write, I didn’t have parents. ”

    Surrounded by bad influences, it was only a matter of time before he ended up in the back seat of a police car, a fact that happened in 2017 when the security cameras of a jewelry store captured the moment in which he entered by force to steal everything. was within reach.

    A court gave him a 32-month prison sentence that he had to serve to the end, despite having asked several times for the opportunity to be released on parole. This option was not given to her by any judge, since her behavior during her confinement was not worthy of awards.

    In 2018, he even managed to access a cell phone from which he began to publish video images on various social networks about what was happening behind bars and repeatedly accompanied by insults towards the police. It was then that in less than 48 hours he accumulated 62 thousand followers, among which he added on Snapchat and Instagram.

    It is that users found it fascinating to be able to observe what life in prison is like and also came across a peculiar character, who amused himself by making jokes with other inmates. It was so quick that the main British portals came to his profile and told his story by nicknamed him “the smallest prisoner in the United Kingdom”.

    After such repercussions Likkle Man, as he began to call himself since then, suffered the blocking of his accounts in just a couple of days. But it was too late.

    “When the other inmates found out what was happening with my videos, they were proud of me and encouraged me to continue like this. The inmates told me that my videos were my chance to do something better in my life and they helped me make the clips. They were the ones who recorded the videos for me, ”he said in 2019, in statements published by the British site Metro.

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    That year he finally got his freedom and his fans returned by the thousands. His obscene dances, his jokes, and his irreverent way of speaking had made his followers multiply: “The prison made me famous. The first day I was released, I got 100,000 Instagram followers, celebrities following me, and getting endorsement deals. It’s crazy and overwhelming, “she acknowledged at that time.

    Due to his fame, which gave him the push to encourage himself to have a new way of life, Likkle Man decided to change the way he showed himself and instead of posting videos insulting the police or being rude to everyone, he chose to make people laugh. Thus, his recordings joking about his height, dressed as a baby in public places or hiding in a box to scare someone on the street today are a constant on his Instagram profile. In addition, he took the opportunity to train and got the opportunity to be able to appear in a real boxing match, something that his fans support in each of the publications he makes on the subject.

    “I have matured a lot now, but my brain is definitely wired differently from everyone else. I have had 25 bad years behind me, I have had to apologize for many things that I regret, but now I have this opportunity to change my life and I’m going to take it ”, he recognized The Sun.

    “Anyone who knows my story will respect me more now because they will know what I went through. He was a tricky little one, I have to admit he was a little bastard. And I’m sorry for all the people I’ve hurt in the past, but I had to do certain things to feed myself and survive. I committed robberies because I had no other way of living, I could not commit a single million-pound robbery because it would be too easy to spot the one-meter black man in the police line. But that’s my past, I’m grateful for how he made me, but that’s left behind and this golden ticket is helping me change my life. ”

    Likkle Man will face Salim Chiboub this Saturday, a Finnish fighter who has three previous fights, a loss, a win and a draw, and who has tried his luck in boxing and Muay Thai. The event will be broadcast online and will only be seen by those who pay £ 5 to access it. Despite the experience that his rival has, the Briton is confident that he will be able to knock him out if he can bring all the evil that he showed during his past in the ring.

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