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    Camila Cavallo spoke of the reasons that separated her from Mariano Martinez

    He told how they made the decision, what relationship they have now and made reference to the woman with whom the actor is linked

    Mariano Martinez and Camila Cavallo met in August 2016 and the relationship progressed at the speed of light. It was, as they commented, love at first sight. They intruded on what the heart dictated. According to what they said at the time, he saw an underwear campaign that she had carried out on Instagram and immediately, after a talk, invited her to dinner. They fell in love, they went to live together and it did not take too long to take another step: they immediately decided to become parents and a year later Alma was born, the daughter they have in common.

    Four years later they decided to cut the emotional bond between them. Beforehand, it was not easy to take that step. In the first place, for breaking that family that they longed for so much, with such a small girl. Second, because they separated at the beginning of their quarantine and, due to restrictions, they continued to live together until the possibility of moving was opened. Those were days when the conflict was rekindled. “It’s not the best thing that can happen to you; coexist when you have already made the decision to separate. But within all, with better days and others not so much, we knew how to get along ”, the model had said at the time when she recognized the distance.

    This Monday 31, Cavallo was as a guest at LAM and provided details of the actor’s distancing. “It is difficult to put into words (the reasons for) the separation. It was all very fast, we thought we were for each other, we decided to have a daughter, and in that, we got to know each other, you begin to notice that you have certain differences that are wearing away, “he began and continued answering the question about what those were discrepancies: “There is nothing specific, but things that keep you away. The relationship morphed in moments; moments in which we were super good and others in which we were not ”.

    “We fought, as can happen in any couple, we reconciled and we continued. But that wears out, you realize that tolerance is no longer the same as it was at the beginning, “he stressed, and commented on living together and being separated:” It’s weird because the difference between who didn’t wash a plate, you take it differently than when you’re in a couple. But beyond that, we were with the boys a lot and that kind of help. ”

    On the other hand, he provided details of how they are arranged now that each one lives at home, with the particularity that they have a daughter in common. “We arrange that he has it every other weekend and once a week. We still talk a lot, we talk every day ”.

    At one point, he referenced something that was speculated weeks ago. At the beginning of August, she did a TikTok singing a fragment of “The best version of me”, a song by Nati Natasha and Romeo Santos. “You always held me back with your lousy attitude. For loving you in your way, I forgot to even be me, ”he intoned. In this sense, speaking of the fact that she moved far away -to the Belgrano neighborhood-, she hinted that moving to his house when the relationship began was a bad decision due to work, but that she was responsible for taking that step.

    “We don’t live close by now… It happens that when I got married to him and I went to live there (Nordelta), the labor issue became quite complicated, especially when Alma was born. Leave her, come to a casting, which I did a lot of commercials, they didn’t give me the times. It was a choice because he had his house there and two other boys; Oli and Milo, and it was my choice ”.

    However, he confessed that at no time did he try to be indirect with the songs he sings and shows on his social networks. “Not at all. I am very direct and everything I had to say I told him to his face. I didn’t have anything to say to him and he didn’t have anything to say to me either. ”

    Finally, he made reference to Maria Fernandez, the Spaniard with whom he is linked to Martínez. “I met her when we went to Spain, and I didn’t see anything strange, I don’t know if they are friends or if something else is happening. You are still free to do what you want. I love him as a family, as the father of my daughter, we have a good bond, but that’s it, he can do whatever he wants ”.


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