Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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    A councilwoman forgot to turn off the camera and appeared naked at a meeting

    Apparently the woman, who was participating in a meeting, had gone to shower, and when she returned she was shown without clothes.

    A legislator from the Bogota Council, in Colombia, appeared naked in a virtual meeting after going to bathe and forgetting that her computer camera was on.

    Apparently, the woman went to take a shower in the middle of the session, and when she returned, she did not notice that the webcam on her notebook was still on.

    The assistants realized the situation and commented that in this way “one cannot concentrate.”

    It is not the first time in Colombia that a virtual session ends in controversy. Last June, legislator Edward Rodriguez appeared jogging in a park at the beginning of a meeting, which generated a lot of comments on social networks.

    On the other hand, several meetings of the Sixth Committee of the Chamber were interrupted by the projection of pornographic images, for which the officials asked for more security for this type of platform in times of pandemic.

    Latest Posts


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