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    Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai Faces Dual Antitrust Battles in Washington and San Francisco

    Two weeks ago, Washington witnessed a significant day for Google, with President Biden signing an executive order aimed at establishing safeguards for artificial intelligence that could impact the company’s crucial projects. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken bestowed an award upon Google for its efforts in assisting Ukrainian refugees and promoting women’s economic security.

    Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, found himself on the witness stand at a federal courthouse near the White House on the same day, vigorously defending his company against allegations of suppressing competitors in the search and online advertising markets.

    Fast forward to Tuesday, and Mr. Pichai was back in the spotlight, this time in San Francisco, confronting claims from video game company Epic Games. The accusation? That Google wielded monopolistic power over app developers on Android’s Google Play Store.

    In the past month, Mr. Pichai has emerged as the face of Google’s antitrust battles, testifying in courts on both sides of the country. This underscores the increasing significance for leaders in Big Tech to be adept witnesses, be it in an antitrust trial or congressional hearings.

    Testifying under oath may become a common task for many tech CEOs in the years to come, as companies like Amazon, Meta, and others face their own antitrust challenges. Notably, it’s a task that not all executives handle well, as seen in the past with figures like Bill Gates during Microsoft’s antitrust case.

    Mr. Pichai, known for his low-key and detail-oriented approach, has focused on maintaining a cool demeanor under questioning, emphasizing Google’s defense that it remains a leader through innovation and hard work, not illegal monopolistic behavior.

    During Tuesday’s testimony, Lauren Moskowitz, a lawyer for Epic, pressed Mr. Pichai for yes-or-no responses, leading to a revelation that Google gave Apple 36 percent of the search revenue generated on iPhones, totaling “well over $10 billion” last year.

    The courtroom drama also involved a dispute over whether Google and Apple should disclose these figures, with the judge rejecting their attempts to keep them confidential. The questioning aimed to challenge Google’s claim of not being a monopoly by highlighting preferential treatment given to Apple over other competitors.

    As the antitrust saga unfolds, Mr. Pichai’s role as a witness provides insight into Google’s strategic decisions. While facing rigorous questioning, he managed to maintain a responsive and reasonable demeanor, a crucial objective for any executive in such a high-stakes situation.

    The antitrust trial against Google in Washington lacks a jury, with the judge set to make the decision. In San Francisco, Mr. Pichai addressed a nine-person jury, adding an additional layer of complexity to the proceedings.

    Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, initiated the claim against Google in an attempt to bypass the fees imposed by Google on in-app transactions. The ongoing legal battle has strained relations between Epic and both Google and Apple.

    Google, not unfamiliar with antitrust scrutiny, faces another lawsuit from the Justice Department, accusing it of abusing its monopoly power in online ad technology.

    As these legal challenges unfold, Mr. Pichai, despite encouraging Google employees to stay focused, finds his time increasingly consumed by court appearances, diverting attention from other leadership responsibilities, including Google’s aspirations in generative A.I.

    In the midst of Mr. Pichai’s courtroom engagements, Secretary of State Blinken honored Google’s subsidiary in Poland for its contributions to women’s economic security and aid to Ukrainian refugees. This juxtaposition underscores the challenges faced by a CEO in juggling legal battles and broader corporate responsibilities.

    In the complex world of Big Tech and antitrust scrutiny, Sundar Pichai stands as a central figure, navigating legal intricacies while striving to uphold Google’s narrative of innovation and fair competition.

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