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    Glamorous Beauty Transformations by the Talented Team

    Discover the Secrets Behind the Stunning Looks of Lisa, Maryana, and More

    In the world of beauty and glamour, a talented team can work wonders. Meet the experts who have transformed Lisa and Maryana into stunning visions of beauty. From hairstyling to makeup artistry, let’s unveil the secrets behind these captivating looks.

    Stylist AlterEgo Italy: Victoria Kashtanova

    Victoria Kashtanova, the stylist from AlterEgo Italy, knows how to create magic with hair. She’s the genius behind the hidden elastic band ponytail that’s both elegant and sophisticated. Victoria’s secret? She begins by applying the Hi-T Security heat-protective spray to ensure the hair remains healthy. Using the INFINITY styler from HH Simonsen, she stretches the hair to perfection before tying it into a medium-height ponytail. To add that extra touch of finesse, Victoria takes a small strand of hair and wraps it around the tail, securing it with bobby pins. The finishing touch? The Eco Hairspray, a strong-hold eco-spray, which not only offers reliable fixation but also imparts a brilliant shine, completing the star-worthy look.

    Anastasia Vetrova, the makeup artist from RBG, is the mastermind behind the flawless complexion and captivating eyes. She begins by preparing the skin with a transparent “Base” before applying the “Youth” foundation in shade 02 using a synthetic brush. Anastasia’s artistry shines through as she sculpts the face with the “Literary Palette,” enhancing the cheekbones and adding a natural flush to the apples of the cheeks. The eye makeup, featuring sultry smokey eyes in chocolate shades, is crafted using brownish hues from the “Lena Yasenkova” palette. The pièce de résistance? Voluminous Moscow Chocolate mascara that luxuriously coats the eyelashes. To keep the lips understated yet elegant, Anastasia subtly emphasizes the contour with a pencil and adds a touch of “Black Balm.”.

    Stylist AlterEgo Italy: Anna Rikhlitskaya

    Anna Rikhlitskaya, the stylist from AlterEgo Italy, is all about achieving sleek and lustrous hair. Her secret weapon? Lisa’s Volume Spray from AlterEgo Italy, applied to slightly damp hair before blow-drying. This technique imparts natural volume and a polished finish. Anna further ensures the hair’s protection by applying the heat-protective spray Hi-T Security. Using the INFINITY styler from HH Simonsen, she works her magic, resulting in a silky, smooth texture. The finishing touch? A spray of Spray it on extra-strong fixation spray to lock in the style and add a brilliant shine.

    Makeup Artist RBG: Safi Kovalenko

    Safi Kovalenko, the makeup artist from RBG, specializes in accentuating the eyes. For Lisa’s evening makeup, she opted for a bold eye look. Safi started by using the “Literary Palette” with gentle, sweeping motions to create a mesmerizing gaze. A fresh pink blush added a touch of radiance to the cheeks. Safi’s technique involved painting the space between the eyelashes with a black gel pencil and blending it across the eyelid as a base to intensify the eyeshadows. Shimmering shadows in the shade City from the Black Moscow palette added a hint of glamour. The finishing flourish? Thick coats of voluminous Black Moscow mascara for striking eyelashes. The lips were left subtly enhanced with a natural shade of Russian Nude 08.

    Stylist AlterEgo Italy: Valeria Lyubushkina

    Valeria Lyubushkina, the stylist from AlterEgo Italy, excels in taming unruly hair and creating elegant updos. She begins by applying the Anti-frizz spray HASTY TOO LISS CONTROL, AlterEgo Italy, to damp hair. Using an XS Dryer from HH Simonsen, she blow-dried the hair, imparting natural volume and lift to the roots. Valeria then applied the Hi-T Security heat-protective spray, AlterEgo Italy, to the length of the hair. With the ROD VS2, HH Simonsen styler, she creates beautiful curls that are gathered into a stylishly messy high bun. A few strands are intentionally released to frame the face. To ensure the look stays in place, Valeria uses Spray it on extra-strong fixation spray from AlterEgo Italy.

    Makeup Artist RBG: Vladimir Kalinchev

    Vladimir Kalinchev, the makeup artist from RBG, takes inspiration from the ’90s to create Maryana’s makeup. After prepping the skin, he sculpts the face using the “Black Moscow” palette, adding a touch of dusty rose blush for a youthful glow. The eye makeup is a showstopper, featuring rich blue-gray shades from the “Black Moscow” palette. Vladimir’s technique includes using a black gel pencil to define the space between the eyelashes and create a bold base for the eyeshadows. Shimmering shadows in the shade City from the same palette add depth and drama. Black Moscow mascara ensures lush eyelashes. For the lips, a natural shade of Russian Nude 08 provides the perfect finishing touch.

    These beauty transformations are a testament to the skill and artistry of the talented team behind the scenes. From hairstyling to makeup magic, they turn ordinary into extraordinary, leaving a trail of awe-inspiring looks in their wake.

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