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    Black Sandals – A Comprehensive Guide to Summer Footwear

    Summer Essentials – Why Black Sandals are a Wardrobe Must-Have

    Imagine the following fashion fiasco: It’s summer, the temperature has surpassed 30 degrees, the sun is shining brightly. You pull out your beautiful, silky summer dress from the wardrobe. Then you stand in front of the shoe rack, sadly staring at leather boots, evening heels, and orthopedic sandals destined for the trash. Especially for those of us who like to keep it chic, summer sandals can be a real challenge. But fear not, there’s a sandal classic that always works: black sandals. We’ll reveal the various ways this timeless shoe is being worn in summer 2024, and we’ve compiled our favorite models for you to shop.

    Black Sandals– The versatile heroes that elevate any outfit

    Finding the right shoe for summer can sometimes be tricky, especially with sandals. The German summer is so unpredictable that the potential of a vast sandal collection often goes untapped. In such cases, it helps to rely on an elegant basic that works with numerous outfits and occasions.

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    Black sandals are true heroes when it comes to versatility – whether paired with jeans, shorts, maxi skirts, or dresses. Their neutral color allows them to be styled effortlessly with loud prints as well as muted shades. With black sandals, you can never go wrong.

    How we’re wearing black sandals in summer 2024

    Some might wonder, “Black sandals, all well and good; but which ones are right for me?” There’s a simple tip to get an overview of the variations. Consider your needs for the shoe: do you walk a lot during the day? Then opt for a flat style with wide straps for more support. Is your clothing style generally more romantic? Then go for black sandals with heels.

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    In big cities, it’s advisable to go for platform variations or models with elevated footbeds. This protects against hot concrete and dirt. Those prone to sweating should opt for delicate straps for better airflow.

    These 5 sandal variations are worn by fashion professionals in summer 2024

    The classic black sandal naturally continues to evolve. Especially in summer 2024, we’ve seen numerous creative variations of the trend. We’ve compiled 5 trend variations for you, including styling inspiration:

    Photo: Getty Images

    For those who like it stylish yet comfortable, black platform sandals are perfect. The shoe is the perfect mix of urban street style and Scandi-chic. The high sole not only adds a few extra centimeters in height but also elongates the leg when paired with wide-leg jeans. This outfit inspiration showcases the most elegant version of the platform shoe: a leather model without toe separators. Paired with a casual white linen trouser and a sleek denim jacket. For a Y2K look, platform sandals with toe separators à la flip-flops are currently popular.

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    The most classic and romantic version of black sandals is arguably the sandal with heels. These pair particularly well with luxurious styles like silky dresses, mini skirts, or elegant trousers. Heeled sandals with small kitten heels are the most popular variant in summer 2024. For those who dare, you can follow influencer Linda Sza’s shoe style with a style break. She opted for a playful outfit consisting of a pleated skirt, tank top, and delicate heeled sandals. She added contrast with an oversized black leather jacket in vintage style.

    Wedge heels have made a comeback in recent seasons. Initially seen in the form of pumps and heeled sandals on the runways of labels like Ferragamo, the silhouette has now established itself in the current looks of fashion professionals. Understandably so – the heel shape is super comfortable. In 2024, they no longer appear in a bast or cork look but in the same black tone as the rest of the shoe. Additionally, the modern wedge heel sandal features a slight curve, giving it a futuristic touch. This shoe style complements almost any summer look and is an easy way to add an experimental high-fashion touch to the outfit.

    The black strappy sandal offers maximum support for those who need it. If you frequently slip while walking or generally prefer sturdy footwear, black strappy sandals are your best bet. They’re also an excellent way to make a look appear more casual without sacrificing style. Fashion professional Masha makes a white maxi dress with pleats more suitable for everyday wear by pairing it with black strappy sandals and a black belt. For those seeking extra flair, opt for models with special textures like braided or woven looks.

    Quiet Luxury” and “Old Money Style” fans take note: If you want to look like you’ve just returned from a beach vacation on the French Riviera, go for a chic pair of slides. The delicate shoe stands out for its minimalist aesthetic. It complements the outfit rather than drawing attention to itself. Therefore, slides with design details are always a nice bonus, as they never overshadow the look but add an extra touch. Depending on preference, these details could include bows, woven patterns, buckles, or monograms, as seen here with Anouk Yve wearing the iconic h-shaped slides from Hermès.

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