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    Ida Galich’s Journey to Stardom – Balancing Fame and Strategy

    After the triumph of her Drip project, Ida Galich decided to seriously pursue a career in cinema. Recently, on May 4th, the film Yura the Janitor was released, where she plays one of the lead roles as the girl who manages the protagonist’s social network. In a recent interview with Fashion Magazine, Galich shares her thoughts on her rise to fame, the importance of having a strategy, and her transition into the world of acting.

    From KVN to Stardom

    Galich spent six years in KVN, a popular Russian comedy TV show, where she gained some public attention. However, this was still a form of publicity and not exactly the kind of fame she had in mind. Her big break came with her school project, Drip, which became a massive success. She learned the importance of working hard and controlling her self-esteem, thanks to her mentor who instilled a sense of humility in her. However, it took her three years to acknowledge her newfound stardom, as she never intended to be a “star.”

    Organic Growth and Change

    Galich takes pride in her organic growth as a blogger and influencer, where she has been able to maintain her level of influence consistently. Similarly, her transition to acting also happened organically, and she stuck to her strategy of not taking on any roles that could potentially roll back her progress. Her role in Yura the Janitor was a tactical move to enter the world of acting without any major pretensions.

    Balancing Fame and Strategy

    As she acknowledges the importance of strategy in maintaining fame, Galich understands that the internet provides a platform for everyone to become popular. However, it also creates intense competition, and thus, playing the game correctly is crucial. She emphasizes that her success thus far is a result of a well-thought-out strategy.

    How to Live a Balanced Life with a Better Understanding of Oneself

    Have you experienced any mental breakdowns recently? In the past, I used to push myself to be the most popular and sought-after person in my field, but I eventually realized that it was unnecessary. Now, it is important for me to have time to spend with my family, attend my friends’ premieres, maintain old friendships, exercise, and most importantly, to live life fully. As a wealthy and successful woman, I found myself in a mental hell due to exhaustion, leading me to change my lifestyle. Previously, I worked around the clock, but now, I have no qualms about saying, “I have a day off.” Although some may gossip about me, claiming that I’ve lost my edge, I prefer to invest my time in myself, my son, my education, and my health. This year, I have grown even more self-aware, leading me to experience fewer mental breakdowns than before.

    Learning about Myself and the Power of Saying “No”

    Recently, I have discovered that I am no longer interested in making everyone happy. Instead, I prioritize my wants and speak my mind. Although I have always been honest, I am now more constructive with my opinions. I have even discovered that my inner demons can be fun! Saying “no” occasionally means prioritizing yourself and avoiding future nervous breakdowns. Even with my child, I have worked out a balance where I can take a break when I need it. I give my son as much free time as I can, but I never sacrifice myself. This change has positively affected our relationship, as we communicate better without any added pressure. I advise all women who feel the need to be heroic to reevaluate their perspective.

    The Joys of Time Alone

    I highly recommend snowboarding to everyone. It is a perfect way to focus on a single task, such as not falling, and subsequently, clears your mind. During my alone time, I write more on social media, draw, walk, and feel generally at ease. I no longer need a companion to have a good time. My favorite vacation is a five-hour flight without my phone, work, or any distractions. Instead, I use this time to write in my diary, read, and listen to my favorite music. This trick is an excellent life hack for moms who need a break.

    Ida’s Views on Love and Self-Discovery

    Ida, a self-sufficient woman, shares her thoughts on relationships, femininity, and self-discovery.

    On Love and Companionship:

    Ida admits to not needing a serious relationship but still desires love and affection occasionally. She has been in a past relationship that ended amicably, allowing her to enjoy the quality of the relationship without any demands. Ida values her independence and is content with not having a significant other for a while, as she is enjoying building a relationship with herself.

    On Femininity and Women’s Roles:

    Ida believes that society places too many expectations on women to be successful in their careers, perfect mothers, and beautiful. She thinks that the most important thing for women is to be happy and free. Ida acknowledges that it is essential for her, as a woman, to embrace her femininity, and she enjoys engaging in activities that enhance it. She has started attending classes such as Pilates, yoga, and pylon, and plans to take up knitting and sewing.

    On Diamonds and Gifts:

    Ida has no qualms about buying expensive jewelry and diamonds for herself. She loves spoiling herself and thinks that diamonds are meant to be worn and not just saved for special occasions. She also believes that men need not be the sole providers of expensive gifts, and women can buy them for themselves. She is content with thoughtful gestures and experiences from her partners, and such moments bring her joy.

    On Cosmetic Surgeries:

    Ida refrains from undergoing cosmetic surgeries and other dangerous procedures to alter her body. She realizes that such operations have expiration dates and opts for healthy lifestyle choices such as proper nutrition and exercise.

    Ida is a strong, independent woman who prioritizes self-discovery and embracing her femininity. She believes that happiness and freedom are essential for all women and hopes to inspire others to do the same.

    Entrepreneurial Ventures and Personal Development Journey of a Gastro Business Owner

    Last year, my passion was dedicated to the development of my gastro business, YOJI, which specializes in delivering Japanese cuisine. I co-own this business with my partner, and this year we have expanded it with three productions that have almost covered the entirety of Moscow. We have also made significant changes to our pricing policy, which has helped us become the only remaining sushi rolls business in Moscow that offers high-quality products at a reasonable price point.

    Reinventing a Business Venture: The Journey to Success

    We took a bold risk by introducing an expensive product that we initially believed would not appeal to our target audience. After much discussion, we realized that our target audience did not earn as much as we had previously thought. We then took the chance to reinvent our business, which was already launched, and lowered our prices without compromising the quality of our products. This experience was extremely valuable as it taught us to adapt to changes and think outside the box.

    Venturing into Journalism and Personal Growth

    Aside from our business, I have also ventured into the world of cinema and returned to journalism. Previously, I hosted a program called “There are questions,” where I acted as an intermediary between people and stars. Although I was unable to film it last year due to a lack of resources, we have resumed filming with various stars, from filmmakers to my colleagues at the shop. I have also continued my self-improvement journey, attending sessions and training to enhance my skills.

    Exploring Diverse Subjects for Personal Development

    My interests range from the study of subtle energies and matter to philosophy and ethology, the science of man from an animal’s point of view. Although they may seem like unrelated subjects, I find them fascinating and believe that they contribute to my personal growth.

    Future Plans: Expanding into Television and Creative Production

    I am currently collaborating with the TV channel “Friday!” as both a presenter and a jury member. In addition, I am still developing turnkey shows with my production, which includes creating large programs. I am also considering moving towards creative production, where I can select characters and contribute to the ideas for series. Furthermore, in case an opportunity arises for me to act in a movie, I have attended acting classes to hone my skills.

    Sharing Experiences: The Charisma of a Backstage Player

    Although I often consider myself a backstage player, my experiences and skills have enabled me to become a charismatic figure. Due to my mathematical mindset, I can formulate ideas and strategies that work effectively. This has been evident in my viral ads, which I created for myself and others, and I believe I am ready to share my experiences and help others.

    Ida Galich, a rising star in the entertainment industry, has captivated audiences with her stunning performances and magnetic personality. Her journey to stardom has been filled with hard work, dedication, and strategic planning. As she continues to grow in popularity, Galich has learned to balance her fame with a carefully crafted strategy to maintain her success. Keeping up with the latest trends and staying informed on the industry is essential for any performer, and Galich does this by regularly checking Google News. With her commitment to both her craft and her career, Galich is sure to remain a star for years to come.

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