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    You don’t need much for “expensive” sexuality – Monica Bellucci’s tricky tricks

    We won’t belittle the actress’s talent and sense of style, but let’s be clear: you can repeat her famous images and achieve no less effectiveness if you use a couple of effective fashion tricks.

    The aesthetic phenomenon of Monica Bellucci is not in her legendary advertising campaigns and photo shoots, where she seems to be a goddess descended from Olympus. Still, whatever you say, professional makeup, styling, and styling work wonder – complete with the right lighting and retouching. But no, Monica has become an icon due to the fact that in real life she looks no less perfect than in the frame.

    Moreover, she demonstrated the same wow effect of “expensive” sexuality at 20, at 30, at 40 – and now, in her sixties. During this time, the Italian woman’s wardrobe has not changed so dramatically: it is obvious that she has a formula that is responsible for these noble and elegant images that fashionistas have been admiring for so many years. And this formula obviously works.

    We have selected for you 4 “pillars” on which Monica’s style is based – you can easily introduce them into your wardrobe and immediately enjoy a verified capsule with notes of Italian chic. And yes – everything ingenious, as always, is simple!

    Easier is better

    Speaking of simplicity, this is often the key to elegance. Yes, the same layering and the ability to combine 2-3 complex shades in an image is a cool trick that will make your outfit fresh and unbanal, but this is not the only way to look stylish.

    Combinations of 2-3 things work no worse: boots, a raincoat dress, and a small leather bag. Can you put together such a combo by yourself? Still would! Just pay attention to the texture: here Monica chose noble suede, good dense leather with a slight glossy sheen. These textures act as embellishments on their own, and you don’t have to worry about complex styling.

    This is the case when clothes and shoes made from natural materials are the best investment. Yes, this is not the most budget purchase, but it is worth every ruble invested.

    Getty Images

    Not without a suit

    Fashion experts have reminded you a thousand times how important it is to choose a perfectly fitting suit, but we will repeat – it because it will really transform your entire wardrobe. Only we are not talking about a separate jacket and trousers that are similar in color and are considered a set by you – no, we are talking about a duet that was tailored like a suit.

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    Of course, after spending some time, you will find a good pair of jackets + trousers in different brands and maybe even save money. But! It is much easier and more logical to trust one designer who tailored the top and bottom as a single ensemble, observing the length and harmony of textures and shades. And only in this case it will be possible to add different blouses, shirts, turtlenecks, and sweaters to your suit – it will become an impeccable background.

    Getty Images

    Strength in perseverance

    You have already noticed that Monica prefers black to any other color. Of course, no one dissuades you from colorful inclusions and color blocks, but whatever one may say, monochrome looks expensive. Stylists do not hide the fact that beige total looks are already quite tired, but who prevents you from collecting several looks in khaki, burnt sienna (orange-brown undertone), or pastel blue?

    Add noble textures, which we talked about in the first paragraph, to the intelligent palette, and voila – your outfit radiates “expensive” sexuality.

    Getty Images

    Things “essential”

    If you analyze Bellucci’s exits for the year, you will see that most of the images of the actress are regularly repeated. She opts for straight-cut coats with lapels, palazzo trousers, tie-dye blouses, wedge sandals, V-neck, and maxi dresses with small floral prints. And, of course, versatile overalls with a loose fit and a belt at the waist to visually reduce it.

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    This is what we call “essentials” – the basis of quality and practical wardrobe. Surely you also have a base that helps out every day, but it’s long overdue to expand it from a pair of jeans and your favorite sweaters to a more diverse collection. The style of Italian chic is known for its dresses and sundresses with floral patterns and jumpsuits (and from different materials) – you definitely need to get at least one!

    So you get a huge toolkit that will never let you look bad. For the evening – the same dress with boats, for a walk – overalls with sneakers or wedges. And by the time you get back to the banal combo of jeans and an oversized jacket, the wow effect will already happen. But not so much effort was put into this – thanks to the master class from Monica!

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