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    Romina Malaspina, the sensual woman who makes all men sigh

    The beautiful model was born on July 7, 1994, in Mar del Plata. Her beauty and way of being led her to be part of the eighth edition of “Gran Hermano Argentina”, in 2015.

    In the reality show, Malaspina became one of the most controversial participants, and her relationship with Francisco Delgado is remembered.

    Two years after passing through Big Brother, Romina entered another reality show, this time in Chile. Yes, “Double Temptation” was another of the adventures of the Argentine that ended up being expelled for having attacked a fellow member of the program.

    Hand in hand with social networks, Romina always managed to be on everyone’s lips. Yes, on Instagram, the beautiful young woman drives millions of people crazy who follow her and look at each of the sensual photos and publications.

    Convinced that you can always be better, the blonde underwent various surgeries that made her even more beautiful. Romina decided to operate her nose, fill her lips, and bet on fine and delicate features.

    Owner of a unique waistline, Romina ventures into the world of journalism. Yes, Channel 26 hired her to host one of their newscasts and controversies began to appear because of her way of dressing. He caused a stir when he opted for a daring look that aroused millions of comments throughout the country.

    “On the channel, they treat me like a daughter, my colleagues are excellent,” said Romina when talking about her colleagues on the channel who also hired Sol Perez.

    Latest Posts


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