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    Prince William and Kate Middleton made a frightening confession

    After all the “attacks” of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the royal family, the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton began to burst at the seams. Netizens have been discussing for a long time that discord in a couple cannot be overlooked. And recently, a source close to the spouses said that they decided to go on a secret vacation, and they do this when everything is really bad.

    In public, Middleton and William try to save face and not show the problems that are happening in the family. They continue to fulfill their royal duties, no matter what. Recently, however, Kate is shocked by a frank confession. She was asked a question about a possible fourth child, and the princess answered in a very specific way.

    “I think William will kill me if I do this,” she said on behalf of both of them, according to royal correspondent Richard Palmer.

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    After this, the couple’s fans did not even know how to react. They always wanted the little princes and princesses to have either a brother or a sister. But, apparently, William is radical about this. True, the host Pandora Forsyth is sure that Middleton only laughed it off, and it’s not worth putting an end to the issue of the fourth child yet.

    “Okay, but if she gets pregnant again, I’ll cut it out and replay it,” Forsythe said in the review, referring to the snippet that talks about William’s threat.
    Earlier, Prince William publicly scolded his wife Kate Middleton.

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