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    Is Maxthon web browser safe to use?

    The Maxthon web browser has a great set of features but has had privacy issues in the past. So the question is – is Maxthon actually secure and private?

    Gone are the days when we could choose from only a select few web browsers. Today there are numerous options to use, all of which offer different features and have their own advantages and disadvantages. One such browser is Maxthon, which users have both praised and criticized.

    So the question remains, is Maxthon really safe to use or should you avoid this browser altogether?

    Created in 2002 by the Chinese company Maxthon International, the Maxthon browser can be used on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, and even has a mobile version for Android and iOS.

    Maxthon offers a number of useful features, including a ‘password manager’, a split screen option, a notes section, and a “resource sniffer” that can extract URLs of images, videos, and other types of files on any web page you visit. open now.

    Maxthon also has a number of plugins/extensions to choose from, such as AdBlock, Google Translate, Office, Honey, Zoom, and Dark Reader. You can also choose from available themes to personalize your experience using this browser.

    In recent years, Maxthon has focused more on web3, the latest iteration of the World Wide Web. Although web3 has not yet taken over web2, many are excited about its possibilities. The Maxthon browser has a number of web3-related features, such as the VBox blockchain wallet that enables crypto payments.

    The latest – and main – iteration of Maxthon is Maxthon 6, although it has been updated several times.

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    But can you trust Maxthon with your Internet traffic and other private data?

    The Maxthon browser has mixed reviews, but the general consensus is that Maxthon is not as secure as many of today’s popular browsers.

    Much of the speculation surrounding Maxthon stems from the privacy issues it faced a few years ago. In 2016, for example, various websites (such as Security Week) reported that Maxthon was sending sensitive data to China. According to reports, Maxthon was found to be sending a ZIP file to a server located in the Chinese capital, Beijing. Inside was an encrypted file that stored data about the web pages users visited, their operating systems and CPUs, and other suspicious data. CEO Jeff Chen explained on Quora that the issue was quickly resolved and that the Chinese government has not made any requests for the data (although that doesn’t mean they won’t in the future, that is since Chen made that statement).

    On top of that, many people don’t trust Maxthon because of its Chinese origin. China is known to have various controversial internet protocols, such as the “Great Firewall” which blocks VPN connections, and various popular platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Even some news sites are blocked on the Chinese internet, including The Guardian, The New York Times, and Bloomberg.

    Another interesting thing about Maxthon is that it offers a VPN. Although VPNs are legal in China, there are many restrictions surrounding their use, and only government-approved VPN services are allowed inside the country. This calls into question whether these approved VPN services are truly anonymous and private and whether they censor certain platforms (such as when the Chinese internet is used without a VPN).

    Although Maxthon is not a “Chinese scam”, we could argue that certain factors surrounding its origin and features make it a somewhat dubious choice for browsing the Internet. If you value your privacy and security, this browser may not be the best option for you right now. Our recommendation would be not to use it and to find a (better) alternative.

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