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    Beard protects men’s health?

    Nature has given a powerful shield

    For several years now, beards have been in fashion, not just any kind, but well-groomed and carefully groomed ones. There is evidence that beards have evolved precisely to help men win over a partner more easily, but other than that role, beards have health benefits.

    Nature has given men a powerful shield that women do not have – it’s a beard. It protects men from sunburn, sun, allergens, and wrinkles. But only if it is regularly cleaned and cared for. The beard significantly contributes to making a man look more dominant and serious.




    The first advantage of a beard is the UV factor. Research shows that the beard stops as much as 95% of harmful radiation, depending on the density of the hair. In order to get the best out of their beards, men should nurture their beards properly, which they can do on their own or leave to the hands of a hairdresser.

    The beard hair has a firm and dense root that serves as excellent support to the skin tissue which means that men have fewer wrinkles than women. The chin also protects them from other external influences, such as cold or heat, which also contributes to less wrinkle formation. The youthful appearance is also guaranteed by the fact that in summer they always have UV protection on them, in the shape of a beard.

    If the chin is thick, especially on the neck, it warms and protects from icy air, so it can prevent sore throats and colds. The mustache, on the other hand, protects against allergies by blocking the entry of allergens and pollen into the nose, so the lungs are better protected from potentially dangerous particles.

    Latest Posts


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