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    Severina and Nina Badric – Both singers will celebrate their 50th birthday this year

    It is very difficult to find friendships on the stage, especially sincere friendships, claims a good connoisseur of events on the stage

    For a long time now, rumors have been heard on the stage that singers Severina Vuckovic and Nina Badric are not on the best of terms. It is not known what actually happened between them or when, but according to the media in Croatia, they have been successfully avoided for many years.

    Surprised by the situation

    That is why many were surprised by the situation with the award ceremony of the Golden Studio media awards, where Nina was one of the nominees and Severina

    • Singer of the Year, young colleague, although only two and a half months younger, Nina Badric – Severina announced enthusiastically, after which Nina took the stage.

    They kissed, and Nina received a winning statuette from Severina.

    A good connoisseur of pop events for “Media” confirmed that the two popular singers have never been on good terms.

    • Otherwise, it is very difficult to find friendships on the stage, especially sincere friendships. Nina and Severina really avoid each other for years, and people in their environment avoid talking about another in front of one singer – our source claims.

    Private life

    Private life

    Nina, who is younger than Severina, is one of the best female vocalists in the Balkans, while Severina, our source points out, has charisma.

    Both singers were born in 1972 – Severina in April, Nina in July and this year they will celebrate their fiftieth birthday.

    Severina attracted much more public attention than Nina with her private life, while Badric tries to keep everything that is not related to the scene as far away from the public eye as possible.

    Nina is coming to Sarajevo

    Nina Badric will hold a concert in Sarajevo on Saturday, March 5th, at the Bosnian Cultural Center.

    Nina is returning to the Sarajevo audience after a four-year break, and will take the audience through all the big hits of her career at the upcoming concert and will promote her new best-of album “Days and Years”, which includes Nina’s greatest hits from 2014 until today.

    Pictures from the BiH capital

    At the end of last year, Severina was in Sarajevo to film the New Year’s program. For weeks after returning to Croatia, she posted photos from the BiH capital on social media.

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