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    Italian style secrets – 10 rules that all men should use

    It is rare that a girl who finds herself in Italy will argue with the fact that this is a country of some of the most beautiful and stylish men. Sometimes it seems that instead of labor lessons at school, they teach self-care. But in fact, achieving such an effect is not so difficult. Here are 10 basic style rules for a typical Italian.

    Having decided on the colors that suit him, he uses only them

    Italians just love brown, black, and purple, because most of the guys here belong to the warm contrast type. When light-skinned and fair-haired guys try to copy this style from others, it looks frankly ridiculous, so it is extremely important to understand which colors suit a particular type and carefully refrain from experimenting.

    He always remembers his strengths and weaknesses


    Here is the waist, here is the stomach, which should not be, and here are the buttocks. A man should also stand in his shorts in front of a mirror and look at himself from the side, noting the advantages and disadvantages of his figure, and do everything to emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws. If a man has a rounded figure, you should refrain from bomber jackets, no matter how fashionable they may be!

    No need to be afraid to look the best of all the guys in the room

    Only when a man gets used to always looking great, he begins to behave naturally, which contributes to the disclosure of inner charisma. If he is afraid to be beautiful, he will never become attractive to others.

    A man’s face is “made” not by a beard and mustache, but by eyebrows

    They should be moderately thick, but not “push” on the eyes. If you have a unibrow, this union will have to be separated, because it makes you look like a Neanderthal, and a woman should have a reason to at least fantasize that you are also smart.

    Being a little different every day so that others have a reason to compliment

    When an Italian boy turns 12, his father comes to him and says: “Son, you are old enough so that I can talk to you like a man,” and teaches his son how to tie a scarf in at least 10 different ways.

    It’s worth dressing for the season, and not as if you have secret information about the ice age coming in two hours

    Italians have a marvelous talent for layering: over a shirt, they wear a jersey jumper, then a soft jacket, then a quilted vest, and then a coat. Since everyone knows their colors and chooses clothes only in them, it all looks harmonious. And if it suddenly gets warmer, one of the layers can be removed.

    Shoes are the hallmark of a man

    When you meet an Italian, the first thing he evaluates is whether your shoes are good enough to do business with you. If you have only one shoe, then they will quickly become unusable, and if they do not fit the image, then they automatically look cheaper than they are. Therefore, you need to get yourself at least one interchangeable pair of shoes and make sure that at least socks look harmonious with them.

    Remember: a jacket always works

    If in the morning, leaving the house, a man does not know what to expect from the evening, it is always better to wear a jacket – just in case.

    Remember teeth, lips, and tongue

    They should look so that a man wants to kiss them: teeth should be clean and shiny, and lips should be soft and moist. Hygienic lipstick for lips is quite a masculine must-have. When a woman wants a kiss, she looks at a man’s lips and immediately understands whether she wants to do business with them or not. There may not be a second chance!

    hair care

    They should be clean, the scalp should not be visible through them, and they should be pleasant to touch. If yesterday a man cut himself by touching his needles filled with styling products, then he is doing something wrong …

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