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    Unique hidden beaches that you can only find on Pag

    The island of stone magic offers almost unreal views that are often compared to the surface of the moon

    The island of Pag may be poor in greenery, but it does not lack interesting customs and traditions, places where you can enjoy island food, as well as beautiful landscapes and beaches.

    The island of stone magic offers almost unreal views that are often compared to the surface of the moon. A little further from the shusur of Novalja and the party-loving Zrc is the quiet Metajna, a small place where you can find the picturesque island beaches – Rucica and Beriknica, which are connected by the exciting “Life on Mars” trail.

    You can also get to Metajna by a regular passenger line from Novalja that runs several times a day, and if you come by car, there is a spacious parking lot not far from Ručica beach. In addition to an umbrella, which is mandatory because there is no natural shade, bring good tennis shoes so that you can walk carefree on the stones.

    Ten steps from the center of Metajna is a source of drinking water where you can stock up for the beach. Metajna is known for its sources of drinking water, which is suggested by the name of the beach Beriknice from the local word “ricica” because of the small streams and springs nearby, which also explain where the wet ground on some parts of the trail comes from.

    From Metajna, it takes about twenty minutes of easy walking to the sand and gravel Rucica, and if you decide to go a little further, to Berikinica and the Stogaj climbing area, an imposing stone tower that invites climbers to reach the top, it will take another ten minutes.

    Take the trail path up the stone steps at the end of Rucica, then follow the markings and there is no chance of getting lost. The marked circles on the bare stone are great to see but walk carefully because it’s hard to take your eyes off nature’s stone masterpieces that create interesting shapes. Apart from Stogaj, you will recognize Beriknica by the huge rocks that rise out of the water and descend carefully, step by step, so that the rolling stones do not deceive you.

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