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    Smit used the Bonn powers – He imposed technical changes to the BiH Election Law

    His address took place a few hours after a meeting with representatives of seven parliamentary parties and several days of protests in front of the OHR building

    High Representative Christian Schmidt held a media conference in the OHR building.

    His address took place a few hours after a meeting with representatives of seven parliamentary parties and several days of protests in front of the OHR building, due to information that, in addition to technical changes to the Election Law, he plans to change the method of electing delegates to the Federal House of Peoples.

    • Today I am ordering and passing a transparency package that guarantees a free and fair campaign and elections. I do not allow warmongering rhetoric – said Smit.

    • I am addressing people, individuals, not the political mass. With all due respect to you, I am here to protect the respect and existence, balance and protection of BiH and no one should have any need to leave somewhere. I’m a little worried that we haven’t reached Annex 7 yet. I think you all know what Annex 7 means, which is that everyone has the right to live and return to where they want. This applies to the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. No one has any other intentions, and if someone had other intentions, they would have problems, not only with me.

    • I am specifically addressing the citizens of this country. I know there are a lot of challenges here sometimes, but I must say that there are no first-class and first-class and second-class citizens in this country. This country consists of three people who decide for themselves, sometimes I have the impression that some other responsible people think that they can only speak on behalf of the people.

    • We also have a political, third-rate fight about whether we will have elections or not. Elections are not a currency for the bribery of parties. Elections are the basic right of every individual, every voter, so I am pleased to be able to return elections to everyone, so today I am ordering and bringing a transparency package that guarantees a free and fair campaign.

    Unfortunately, no one succeeded. At the talks in Neum, in the Parliament, there were two attempts. There was no majority. I hear every party saying “yes, we agree”, but I ask you, dear friends, if you really agree that you failed, it was up to me to do it and I did. Not because I want to satisfy any party here but I want to respect the needs and wishes of the people. That’s what I did, and I think you’ll understand that I’m saying it clearly – said Smit.

    There are still many obstacles

    Smit added that they must be clear, especially in the election campaign.

    • This is something I say bearing in mind a lot of statements I have read. Some statements, I would say, dear friends, it would have been better if you had closed your mouth if you had not finished what you wanted to say. I do not tolerate warmongering rhetoric – he said.

    He added that it does not refer to a specific party or a specific politician.

    • Unfortunately, there are too many of them who speak and use behavior as responsibility. Close agreement is the foundation for this country and it has brought peace. We all know from which dark times, especially here in Sarajevo, which times and experiences we come from on the way from Dayton to Brussels. However, there are still many obstacles that need to be overcome – he said and added:

    • According to the responsible politicians, the tasks are big. To finally end the terrible blockade of the institutions so that they could even enter into dialogue with the EU. People have been debating here for the past few days a lot about various ideas on how to solve the blockages here and I strongly welcome the peaceful gathering of people expressing their concerns and their intentions. Public debate is of fundamental importance for democracy. Now it is up to the politicians of this country to translate that debate into decisions. My advice to politicians is to take advantage of that opportunity, because you may not get another.

    I await the results

    He said that he spoke today with the leaders of the parliamentary parties from the Federation.

    • I told them my expectations. I await the results. I expect them to do something for the country and the people who live in it. This is not a friendly suggestion, but their job and their responsibility to leave the games. It’s not a matter of what the high representative will do, but do it yourself, don’t wait for someone else. If you fail to do that, then I will act in accordance with the powers from the Dayton Peace Agreement, assuming the responsibility given to me by those who signed it, but they should and can take advantage of this opportunity and implement programs for this country, for you citizens and voters – he said.

    He believes that they should show what programs are related to the economy, the economy, and health, in order to move this country forward. They owe it to you. You should evaluate these suggestions and give your voice to change things. In this way, I made it very clear that I will not participate in the election campaign for any party. I will just keep the citizens in mind. What I want to do is to go across the country and listen to the people, what they want – he said.

    I appeal to everyone to work

    He asks how it is possible that on the flight to Bosnia and Herzegovina he meets so many young people who are coming home and who are working somewhere in Europe.

    • These are the people who need to work in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Don’t talk about what hasn’t been achieved. Think about how you can improve the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, health, and economy. So you can expect to join the EU. I heard that the law on public procurement did not pass. When I was in Brussels, I heard “they are working, they will adopt that law”.

    I appeal to everyone to work. I made it known that I wanted their input and suggestions on unblocking the situation in the Federation. The Constitutional Court has no judges, judges have not been appointed. There has been no government for four years. That is unacceptable. I await the results. Also, when we talk about the electoral law, I brought a transparency package. Other things should be considered by Mišel with them. It is important that obligations from court judgments are fulfilled. I have the impression that apart from some very rude comments there is a way to think constructively. I repeat, that nowhere in BiH, not a single person, whether he comes from one of the three constitutive nations or a minority or from abroad.

    No one should be discriminated against

    No one should be denied the right to live there, to find a family, to work there. That is my promise to BiH and I invite others to join me.

    I have one more thing to share. This is the land of all the people who live here. No one should be discriminated against or excluded, I mean the “others”. I call on the leaders to finally implement. It is absolutely unacceptable that we have had the verdict “Sejdić and the Finns” for 12 years and it has not yet been implemented in the state constitution.

    I am ready to enter into discussions with everyone who requests it, it must be at the state level. As for the others, it is important that they have the same rights. For example, at the Federal level there are seven seats for “others”, but who among them has the right to invoke a vital national interest? I invite the ministers to discuss it. I would like to be able to tell them together with the people that there is progress only if we realize the wishes of the citizens, and not technical agreements with the parties – said Smit.

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