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    Four habits women don’t want to tolerate

    50 women on one blog commented on the worst male habits that repel them, and we singled out the four most common ones.

    1. “Pocket billiards”

    When a man reaches for his crotch every now and then, scratching vigorously, it is a very ugly habit that catches the eye of every woman. Although scratching is a natural phenomenon for everyone there is a place and a way, but much more subtle and discreet than a romantic dinner or going out with a girl.

    2. Hair from the nose and ears

    Hair is really not attractive, especially if it peeks out of the nose in the middle of passionate conversation or finds itself in the way between the earlobe and a woman’s lips, which are getting ready to kiss and whisper.

    3. Dirty and messy nails

    Beautiful hands are one of the most attractive things on a man, if they are nurtured and clean, it is rare that a member of the fairer sex will not immediately imagine themselves in their arms. But dirty ones are not attractive. The exceptions are, of course, men who use their hands for hard physical work, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be neatly cut.

    4. Poor dental hygiene

    Bad breath can happen to anyone after a delicious lunch or dinner, but oral hygiene is something completely different. Brushing your teeth is the least a man can do for himself, so this bad habit deserves a big minus.

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