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    Edita Aradinovic spoke openly about depression – I thought of the worst

    Depression as such does not, but minus phases and some bad days exist, of course, she said

    Serbian singer Edita Aradinovic recently spoke about a difficult period and on that occasion admitted that she thought of the worst in that period. She commented on the case of YouTuber Kristina Kike Dukic, who recently committed suicide.

    – I had such thoughts in my head many times, I’m sorry that I had it and that the family went through it, it wasn’t close, but I know how it feels when you think that no one accepts you when you are discriminated against, but it’s just in the head of someone who suffers, who has a problem when it comes to peer violence, I’m really not part of it, I know how to raise my child – said Edita in “Exclusive”.

    – I went through a period of psychological torture, it was recently, I felt that I would not tolerate it, it is terrible that I say that, but I would never do it, everyone’s life is worth it.

    Let us remind you, Aradinović previously talked about visiting a psychiatrist. She said that she struggled with depression, and now she points out that there are plus and minus phases.

    – I’m great! Depression as such does not, but minus stages and some bad days exist of course! To win on Saturday, it has to be bad on Wednesday! Clean head, pure heart – said Edita.

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