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    Celebrate the planned removal

    “This is very positive news and a gratifying step that is being taken,” says Bogi Nils Bogason, CEO of Icelandair, about the planned removal of all restrictions due to the coronary virus within the country and at the border.

    Bogi says he expects the news to further increase the demand for flights to and from Iceland, but travel to and from the country has become more frequent among Icelanders as well as foreign tourists in recent weeks.

    “We have seen since mid-January when the world began to assume that Omikron might be a way out of the epidemic, a very strong booking trend for us. Now, this is another positive step and we expect that this will increase even more with demand because the cost and complexity of coming to Iceland will decrease. We believe that this will have a positive effect until the spring, “says Borgi, who adds;

    “I may not expect many leaps from this, but this is good news for us who are running an airline, the tourism industry in Iceland, and society as a whole.”

    Hoping for the same development in all markets
    Bogi says that at the moment there is no reason to review the flight schedule for the spring;

    “We have had an ambitious sales plan for the spring and summer and we are keeping our distance in this regard. But if the demand is greater than we expect, we will of course respond. ”

    He says he hopes for the same development in foreign markets, but that a negative PCR test still needs to be demonstrated upon arrival in many other countries, including the United States.

    “Of course, we hope that this development will take place in more countries. We have been seeing the relief in Europe and hopefully, we will see it in all our markets, “says Bogi.

    Latest Posts


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