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    After 24 years of love-Danijela and Graso are fighting against each other

    They will both try to make sure that their song is the one that the audience will choose as the favorite of the whole year.

    When, after almost a quarter of a century of love, Petar Graso and Danijela Martinovic, who was known as one of the longest-lived and most harmonious couples on the Croatian stage, broke up, many of their fans were shocked.

    As they were always secretive about their private life and their relationship and very rarely spoke publicly, they also did not talk about breaking up, and the silence continued when it became known that Petar had found new love with 14 years younger Hana Huljic.

    – We are very happy, Graso said only briefly on one occasion.

    There is no denying that Petra Grasi was quite happy last year. In addition to finding new love, Petar announced two big concerts, in Split and Zagreb Arena, his New Year’s concert was attended by 35 thousand people, and his new song “Jel ti Reka ko” was nominated for a hit of the year in the finals of the Cesarica Award.

    Although she didn’t brag about her new love, Daniela isn’t doing badly either. Apart from the fact that judging by the posts on social networks, she is happier than ever and is working on numerous new projects. Danijela also has a new song that also earned an enviable nomination.

    Namely, her song “Ljubav ne odustaje” was chosen as the song of the year on the National Radio, which the singer praised on Instagram, and invited fans to vote for her or simply sing her song.

    So this former couple found themselves on opposite sides, and they will both try to make sure that their song is the one that the audience will choose as their favorite of the year. It will be interesting to see whose song the audience will like more.

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